Student Government

Student Government

The SBA is the student governing association for the Law School with the general goal of improving the law school experience. Students may join one of the SBA's committees or run for class representative.

Executive Board

  • President: Niko Orfanedes (
  • Vice President: Caroline Spadaro
  • Secretary: Samuel Blackington
  • Treasurer: Ari Anderson

Other Voting and Non-Voting Members

  • 3L Senators: Valera Bamgbala, Connor Kurtz, Morgan Maloney, Molly Mueller, Ansley Seay, Margaret Shin
  • 2L Senators: Holly Bard, Cassie Stanton Cox, Juhi Desai, Mita Ramani, Clint Roscoe, Riley Segars
  • Honor Representatives: Christopher Benos, Meghan Wingert
  • UJC Representative: Sarah Guinee, Casey Schmidt
  • Student Council Representative: Elizabeth Kruse, Raphael Movsesian
  • ABA Representative: Andi Schlut

Committee Chairs

  • Building Services and Environmental Concerns: TBD
  • Diversity Advisory Council: TBD
  • Health and Wellness Committee: TBD
  • Programming Committee: TBD
  • Barrister’s Ball Subcommittee: TBD
  • Academics and Faculty Relations Subcommittee: TBD
  • Graduation Subcommittee: TBD 
  • Finance (Deputy Treasurer): TBD 
  • Community Engagement Committee: TBD
  • Digital Communications Committee: TBD
  • Special Purpose Committee: TBD
  • Women’s Committee:TBD
  • First Year Council: TBD