Student Government

Student Government

The SBA is the student governing association for the Law School with the general goal of improving the law school experience. Students may join one of the SBA's committees or run for class representative.

Executive Board

  • President: Jasmine Lee (
  • Vice President: Rachel Staub
  • Secretary: Katharine Janes
  • Treasurer: Trevor Quick

Other Voting and Non-Voting Members

  • 3L Senators: Alexis Wallace, Julia Jackson, Austin Schlatter, Tazewell Jones, Read W. Mills, Timothy Sensenig  
  • 2L Senators: Page Garbee, Will Hinton, Eli Jones, Colin Lee, Christina Luk, Savanna Williams
  • Honor Representatives: Stephen Paul, Todd Truesdale 
  • UJC Representative: Ben Elron, Madeleine Keach
  • Student Council Representative: Josh Short, Emily Risher  
  • ABA Representative: Steph Metherall

Committee Chairs

  • Building Services and Environmental Concerns: Eli Jones, Dylan Treadwell
  • Diversity Advisory Council: Will Hinton, Christina Luk
  • Health and Wellness Committee: Page Garbee, Chance McGraw
  • Programming Committee: Taz Jones, Read Mills 
  • Barrister’s Ball Subcommittee: Kellye Quirk, Ellie Charles, Courtney Davis, Maureen Mentrek
  • Academics and Faculty Relations Subcommittee: Erin Brown, Devin Rivero
  • Graduation Subcommittee: Rachel Staub, Tim Sensenig 
  • Finance (Deputy Treasurer): Will Brown