Student Government

Student Government

The SBA is the student governing association for the Law School with the general goal of improving the law school experience. Students may join one of the SBA's committees or run for class representative.

Executive Board

  • President: Frances Fuqua (
  • Vice President: Julia Wahl
  • Secretary: Jasmine Lee
  • Treasurer: MacLane Taggart

Other Voting and Non-Voting Members

  • 3L Senators: Toccara Nelson, Robbie Pomeroy, Molly McDonald, Howie Bruno, Jacob Roth, Ryan Poche 
  • 2L Senators: Sarah Houston, Tazewell Jones, Read W. Mills, Trevor Quick, Timothy Sensenig, Rachel Staub
  • Honor Representatives: Lindsay Fisher, Owen Gallogly
  • UJC Representative: Ben Elron
  • Student Council Representative: Julia Jackson 
  • ABA Representative: Rachel Barnes

Committee Chairs

  • Building Services and Environmental Concerns: Elizabeth Buttitta 
  • Diversity Advisory Council: Rachel Barnes, Taylor Mitchell, Timonthy Sensenig 
  • Health and Wellness Committee: Austin Schlatter, Connor McMillan 
  • Programming Committee: Sara Phipps, Taz Jones, Read Mills 
  • Barrister’s Ball Subcommittee: Alexis Wallace, Kellye Quirk 
  • Academics and Faculty Relations Subcommittee: James Butkus, Michael LaMonte
  • Graduation Subcommittee: Julia Wahl, Robbie Pomeroy 
  • Finance (Deputy Treasurer): Rachel Staub