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Many lawyers at top firms never set foot in a courtroom, but instead spend their time negotiating, structuring and advising clients on business transactions.

Often, new lawyers learn business practices and culture the hard way — on the job. Others enroll in combined J.D.-MBA programs, requiring an additional year of study.

Virginia offers a third way: The John W. Glynn, Jr. Law & Business Program integrates business and legal analysis into the law school classroom.

The Law & Business Program allows students to develop the skills necessary to understand and better serve their future business clients. The program brings business school faculty in to teach the basics of accounting and finance. It provides students the opportunity to hone these skills through enhanced versions of core business law courses, and gives students the chance to review key transactional documents and strategic decisions alongside senior counsel and executive officers.

The Law & Business Program is an opportunity, not a "track" or separate degree program. Any Law School student who takes the introductory course in Accounting and Corporate Finance, or who has equivalent experience, can take advantage of the program’s courses. Students who do not want to invest in the program can take the traditional versions of all of the core business law courses.

Contact: Andrew N. Vollmer, Director


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