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About the Foundation

The Law School Foundation, created in 1952 as a trust by Law School alumni and now a nonprofit corporation, receives, administers, and manages private gifts from graduates and friends. The school’s current strength and national standing can be attributed directly to private resources.

The Foundation's Board of Trustees consists of 19 elected trustees and several ex-officio members including the dean.

The Law School's Alumni Association was organized in 1921 to advance the cause of legal education, promote the interests of the Law School, and encourage professional associations and fellowship among its graduates.

It is a non-dues paying organization governed by an Alumni Council of 15 elected members, the officers and former presidents of the association, and the chairs of its standing committees, the largest of which is the National Appeals Committee responsible for directing the Annual Giving Campaign.

Foundation Staff

Law School Foundation Board of Trustees
F. Blair Wimbush '80, Chair
Sarah Robinson Borders '88
David C. Burke '93
Stephen A. Cardi '66
Cameron L. Cowan '81
Thomas R. Denison '86
William B. Fryer '74
Sharon S. Goodwyn '88
J. Warren Gorrell, Jr. '79
Jeffrey L. Humber, Jr. '78
John C. Jeffries, Jr. '73
Barbara S. Jeremiah '77
Catherine A. Lawton '84
Michael S. Miller '77
Sharon M. Owlett '75
Tim R. Palmer '83
Renee E. Ring '76
Elizabeth S. Scott '77
Robert G. Zack '75

Ex-Officio Members
Frank B. Atkinson '82
Risa Goluboff
Janet Schwitzer Nolan '89
Arthur D. Robinson '88

Former Deans
Paul G. Mahoney
Richard A. Merrill

Honorary Members
Martha D. Ballenger '69
Lillian R. BeVier
Michael A. Caddell '79
Mortimer M. Caplin '40
Alfonso L. Carney, Jr. '74
James E. Coleman, Jr. '51
Wallace L. Cook '64
Gene D. Dahmen '67
Philip M. Drake '51
Charles D. Fox IV '80
John W. Glynn, Jr. '65
Allen C. Goolsby III '68
Michael J. Horvitz '75
Euclid A. Irving '76
Martha Lubin Karsh '81
M. Langhorne Keith '70
Edward J. Kelly III '81
Roger H. Kimmel '71
David L. Mulliken '75
Gordon F. Rainey, Jr. '67
Albert Ritchie '64
Daniel Rosenbloom '54
Norman A. Scher '62
William M. Slaughter '66
Suzelle M. Smith '83
John Charles Thomas '75
John L. Warden '65
Samuel B. Witt, III '64


Alumni Council
Janet Schwitzer Nolan '89, President
Harry A. Shannon III '82, Vice President
J. Goodwin Bland '87, Second Vice President
Katherine L. Ballenger '02
Eileen P. Brumback '86
Robert G. Byron '76
Henry L. Chambers Jr. '91
Carolyn Ells Cheverine '90
Dasha Smith Dwin '98
Douglas E. Eckert '93
Frankie Taylor Jones Jr. '08
Kevin A. Kauer '00
Christopher R. Kavanaugh '06
John H. McDowell, Jr. '82
Michael Andrew McGuire '99
Elizabeth H. Noe '89
Ashante L. Smith '02
Heather A. Young '91

Kenneth S. Abraham
John Duffy
George S. Geis

Stephen A. Cardi '66
Gene D. Dahmen '67
William B. Fryer '74
Risa Goluboff
Allen C. Goolsby III '68
Roger H. Kimmel '71
Paul G. Mahoney
James L. Malone III '72
Patricia Merrill '92
Richard A. Merrill
Leigh B. Middleditch, Jr. '57
Sadler Poe '71
Renee E. Ring '76
Albert Ritchie '64
Arthur D. Robinson '88
Norman A. Scher '62
Laurence Vogel '60
F. Blair Wimbush '80

Other Officers
Luis Alvarez, Jr. '88, Secretary-Treasurer
Ellen Cecelia Walker, Assistant Secretary-Treasurer