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  • Christina Pearson '06

    Christina Pearson '06

    MY JOB Associate, Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman LLP (Silicon Valley)
    PRACTICE AREA Corporate and securities
    WHY I LIKE IT "From incorporating a new company, to helping the founders negotiate venture capital financing transactions, to assisting with the company's exit strategy (whether it is an acquisition or an IPO), I get to play a part in my clients' development at every stage of their growth, and I find that very rewarding."
  • Tim Heaphy '91

    Tim Heaphy '91

    MY JOB U.S. Attorney, Western District of Virginia
    RESUME Heaphy spent 12 years as an assistant U.S. attorney in both the Western District of Virginia and Washington, D.C., and was a partner at McGuire Woods
    WHY I LIKE IT "Serving as United States Attorney has been tremendously rewarding, as it provides a way to use my law degree to improve the lives of others."
  • Dana Weekes '09

    Dana Weekes '09

    MY JOB Associate, Patton Boggs, Washington, D.C.
    PRACTICE AREA Public policy in the areas of agriculture/food, education and energy
    WHY I LIKE IT "Capitol Hill is my courtroom, with 535 judges. It makes you expect the unexpected — no matter how solid the argument."
  • Katie Redford '95

    Katie Redford '95

    MY JOB Co-Founder and U.S. Office Director, EarthRights International
    MAKING A DIFFERENCE Redford's human rights field work as a law student in Thailand led her to advance the idea that American corporations could be held liable for human rights abuses under the Alien Tort Statute. Later, she and Tyler Giannini '95 co-founded EarthRights International, which sued energy giant Unocal for its role in abuses in Burma. The resulting settlement was a milestone in human rights advancement.
  • Donald Yee '87

    Donald Yee '87

    MY JOB Partner, Yee & Dubin, Los Angeles
    PRACTICE AREA Sports law
    WHY I LIKE MY CAREER "I get to dabble in virtually every area of the law, and I get to see how it plays out on television. In my practice, we confront issues in contracts, torts, intellectual property, tax, antitrust, labor, etc. No two days are alike, and as I'm heading into work, I really don't know what might come up that day. It sure does keep things interesting."
  • Leslie Kendrick '06

    Leslie Kendrick '06

    MY JOB Associate Professor, University of Virginia School of Law
    EXPERTISE First Amendment (speech and press), torts
    WHY I LIKE MY CAREER "I am extremely lucky to have a job that I love. Research and teaching offer a great mix of working independently and with others. And it helps to work in a great place, surrounded by excellent students and wonderful colleagues."
  • Luis Fortuño '85

    Luis Fortuño '85

    MY JOB Governor, Puerto Rico
    RESUME In 2004, Fortuño was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives, where he served on the Natural Resources Committee and was ranking member of the Subcommittee on Insular Affairs. Before coming to Congress, he was a partner at a San Juan law firm and served as Puerto Rico's first secretary of the Department of Economic Development and Commerce. Fortuño was elected governor in 2008.
  • Selina Spinos '08

    Selina Spinos '08

    MY JOB Associate, Fulbright & Jaworski, Washington, D.C.
    PRACTICE AREA Health care law
    WHY I LIKE MY CAREER "As a health care attorney, I explore how the law affects transactions, investigations and compliance issues in the health care industry. I enjoy learning how these areas intersect, and appreciate working with clients who provide care and services to patients."
  • Tim Freilich '99

    Tim Freilich '99

    MY JOB Legal Director, Immigrant Advocacy Program, Legal Aid Justice Center
    WHY I LIKE IT "I started working at the local Legal Aid Justice Center right out of law school. A dozen years later and my courageous clients still inspire me. My witty and brilliant co-workers still motivate me. My evolving work still challenges me.... My new slogan? 'Living the Dream.'"
  • Pamela Bookman '06

    Pamela Bookman '06

    MY JOB Senior Associate, Wilmer Cutler Pickering Hale and Dorr, New York City
    PRACTICE AREAS Litigation/controversy, business trial, appellate
    WHY I LIKE MY CAREER "I do a mix of different types of litigation, both in terms of the stage of the litigation and the subject matter. I have a great pro bono practice and I really enjoy my colleagues, who are incredibly smart and thoughtful and also fun to spend the day with."
  • Cale Jaffe '01

    Cale Jaffe '01

    MY JOB Senior Attorney, Southern Environmental Law Center, Charlottesville
    WHAT I DO Jaffe is involved in litigation, lobbying and policy work to oppose new coal-fired power plants in the Southeast, a region that is among the highest emitters of greenhouse gases in the world.
    WHY I LIKE MY CAREER "I love where my work has taken me — everywhere from the U.S. Supreme Court, to meetings with the governor, to a town council debate in a rural community of 300 residents."
  • Mark Bromley '95

    Mark Bromley '95

    MY JOB Council Chair, Council for Global Equality
    WHY I LIKE MY CAREER "I help foreign policymakers in the State Department, Congress and the White House understand the ways in which the fundamental human rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people are routinely violated, and how the U.S. government can speak out against the brutal violence and debilitating discrimination that LGBT people face the world over."
  • Arnold Evans '96

    Arnold Evans '96

    MY JOB Managing Director and Head of Equity Origination, SunTrustRobinson Humphrey
    WHY I LIKE MY CAREER "I most enjoy assisting our clients in understanding their capacity to finance strategic activities that dramatically grow their businesses, and then seeing the results of successfully executing those financing plans. There is no better feeling than knowing that you have helped a client achieve their desired objectives."
  • Deborah Platt Majoras '89

    Deborah Platt Majoras '89

    MY JOB Vice President and General Counsel, Procter & Gamble; Former Chairman, Federal Trade Commission
    WHY I LIKE MY CAREER "I enjoy partnering with talented people around the globe to anticipate issues, solve problems and ensure compliance with a complex web of laws and regulations so that we can serve the world's consumers and improve their lives."
  • Will Shortz '77

    Will Shortz '77

    MY JOB Crossword Editor, New York Times; Puzzlemaster, NPR's "Weekly Edition Sunday"
    WHY I LIKE MY CAREER "When I was a kid, I never dreamed that I would be the Times crossword editor. It felt like an intellectual, literary sort of job that was beyond me. But I love to read and I love to learn, so that's never been a problem."
  • Laura Holland '08

    Laura Holland '08

    MY JOB Policy Adviser to U.S. Rep. Tom Price
    PRACTICE AREA Holland focuses primarily on health policy issues.
    WHY I LIKE MY CAREER "It has proven to be an exciting time to be in the midst of the policy debates stemming from passage of the health reform bill. The job provides opportunities to meet with health care stakeholders, draft legislation and work with congressional and administrative staff to address health policy issues."
  • J. Harvie Wilkinson III '72

    J. Harvie Wilkinson III '72

    MY JOB Federal Judge, 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals; Former Chief Judge
    WHY I LIKE MY CAREER "I wouldn't trade my job for anything. It is such a privilege to me to be vindicating those liberties protected by the Bill of Rights."
  • Andy Mao '98

    Andy Mao '98

    MY JOB Senior Counsel for Health Care Fraud and Elder Justice, U.S. Department of Justice
    RESUME HIGHLIGHT "I was part of a phenomenal team that investigated allegations that GlaxoSmithKline had marketed certain of its drugs for uses unapproved by the Food and Drug Administration and thereby caused the government to pay for drugs for non-covered uses."
  • Brad Handler '95

    Brad Handler '95

    MY JOB Former Associate General Counsel of eBay, Co-founder of Exclusive Resorts, LLC, and Co-founder and Chairman of Inspirato, LLC
    WHY I LIKE MY CAREER "I'm a big believer in walk-around management. When I started at eBay, I was the only lawyer. When I left, there were 50 people in the department and every day I would walk around and talk to every single person. How are you doing? What are you working on? What can I help you with? I'm doing the same here at Inspirato."
  • Shack Shackelford '74

    Shack Shackelford '74

    MY JOB Attorney, Shackelford, Thomas & Gregg
    PRACTICE AREA General practice
    WHY I LIKE MY CAREER "I treasure the personal interaction that I have with clients, lawyers and judges. I like the busyness of my 'small-time' practice, especially since I am not a legal scholar. I also enjoy the competitive aspects of an active trial practice."
  • Afi Johnson-Parris '02

    Afi Johnson-Parris '02

    MY JOB Family Law Practitioner, Greensboro, N.C.
    WHY I LIKE MY CAREER "Child custody is my absolute favorite area of my practice and I get so much out of helping people have access to their children. Last year a former client sent me an email with a picture of him and his son posing by a Christmas tree. He just wanted me to see what I helped make possible. For every low point in this job, when I get a message like that, it makes it so clear why I do what I do."

Virginia has graduates in 99 of the American Lawyer top 100 firms (as of May 15, 2014).

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No. 4 in placing clerks on the U.S. Supreme Court, 2005-13

No. 5 in federal appellate clerkships for the classes of 2011-13

No. 6 in the number of associates promoted to partner among NLJ's top 250 firms in 2013

More than 17,000 alumni in all 50 states and over 60 countries.

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