When National Jurist magazine asked law students around the country what characteristics they deemed most important when evaluating a law school, they invariably cited the quality of teaching and faculty-student relations. In that survey and numerous others, Virginia's faculty is in the top rank of law schools.
Deborah HellmanPROFESSOR DEBORAH HELLMAN'S work explores the philosophical underpinnings of anti-discrimination law and, more recently, money and free speech in the context of campaign finance regulation.
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A. E. Dick Howard PROFESSOR A. E. DICK HOWARD has made his name not only as a constitutional scholar but as a constitutional draftsman, and he is an expert on governmental structure and the Supreme Court.
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Saikrishna PrakashPROFESSOR SAIKRISHNA PRAKASH is one of the nation's leading theorists of presidential powers and a proponent of the "unitary executive," or the view that the President has the constitutional authority to direct the execution of the laws by executive branch officers.