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External Scholarships

The following external scholarships are listed by deadline. More information is provided at the links. Contact the sponsor if you need additional details.


8/1/15 Annual Asian Heritage Law School Scholarship (must be a 1L, $1,000)
8/1/15 The Scholarship for Aggressive Scholarship Applicants (must show proof of applying for other scholarships, $500)
8/1/15 Disabled Students Pursuing a Career in Law Scholarship ($1,000)
8/1/15 Meinhart Smith & Manning PLCC Scholarship (must have encountered malpractice, injury or accident, $1,000)
8/1/15 Perlman Law Group Criminal Law Scholarship ($1,000)
8/1/15 Veterans Pursuing a Career in Law Scholarship ($1,000)
8/14/15 Uche PC College Scholarship Essay Contest ($1,000)
8/15/15 and 11/15/15 The Advocates Scholarship (biannual essay contest, $1,000)
8/15/15 Albertson & Davidson, LLP Scholarship ($2,500)
8/15/15 Distracted Driver Awareness Scholarship ($1,000)
8/15/15 Lovenberg & Associates Greater Minds Scholarship (must have been affected by medical malpractice, $1,000)
8/15/15 Reimer & Associates Student Scholarship Video Contest ($1,000)
8/15/15 Safety Scholarship for Law Students (requires a video essay, $1,000)
8/15/15 Stroble Law Firm, P.C. Scholarship ($500)
8/15/15 The Zeiger Firm College Scholarship Essay Contest ($1,000)
8/31/15 Baumgartner Law Student Scholarship (need-based, $3,000)
8/31/15 Law Enforcement Family Member Scholarship ($1,000)


9/1/15 Ambrosio E. Rodriguez Fellowship ($3,500)
9/1/15 Julie Johnson Law Scholarship (women only, $500)
9/1/15 Rukin Hyland Doria & Tindall Equity and Inclusion Scholarship (must be a 2L, interested in employment law, $3,000)
9/1/15 Waechter Medical-Legal Scholarship ($1,000)
9/10/15 Planning & Law Division Daniel J. Curtin, Jr. Fellowship (see announcement for details, $2,500)
9/15/15 Zatuchni Law Scholarship (must be a 2L or 3L, U.S. citizen, interested in employment law, and have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.3 to apply, $5,000)


10/1/15 Ehline Law Firm PC Military Veteran’s Law Scholarship (must show proof of honorable discharge, $500)
10/1/15 Ehline Law Firm PC Tort Law Contest Scholarship (cumulative GPA must be at least 3.0, $500)
10/1/15 Ignite AG Customer Advisory Board Scholarship (must be seeking to enter a marketing field, $1,000)
10/9/15 Belluck & Fox, LLP Mesothelioma Essay Contest (up to $5,000)
10/30/15 Pinkham & Associates Law Scholarship (must be interested in practicing family/matrimonial law, $1,000)


11/5/15 Single Parent Student Scholarship ($1,000)
11/13/15 The Umansky Law Firm Education Scholarship (must have suffered severe injuries from a car accident, $1,000)
11/15/15 Chapman LLC Scholarship for Law Students ($1,000)
11/15/15 Zumper Apartments Scholarship ($1,000)
11/29/15 The McKenzie Law Firm Legacy Planning Scholarship (preference given to veterans, $1,000)
11/30/15 Biannual Joseph J. LoRusso College Scholarship Essay Contest ($1,000)
11/30/15 Howell & Christmas, LLC Visionary Scholarship (minimum 2.8 GPA, $1,000)
11/30/15 Steinger, Iscoe & Greene Law Scholarships for Child Advocates (must be a child advocate or abuse survivor, $1,000)
11/31/15 County Office Scholarship ($1,000)


12/1/15 Goodman Acker Law Scholarship Program ($1,000)
12/1/15 Lamber-Goodnow Injury Law Team Scholarship ($1,000)
12/1/15 The Rocky Mountain Educational Dreams Law Scholarship ($1,000)
12/1/15 The Steven M. Sweat Annual College Scholarship Essay Competition ($1,000)
12/1/15 Rogers Law Firm Scholarship Essay Contest ($1,000)
12/1/15 Zavodnick, Zavodnick & Lasky Annual College Scholarship Essay Contest ($1,000)
12/11/15 National Business Law Scholarship ($500)
12/11/15 National Tax Law Scholarship ($500)
12/15/15 Criminal Defense Lawyers PLLC Criminal Law Scholarship ($1000)
12/15/15 Farzad Family Law Scholarship ($3,500)
12/15/15 The Gilmer Law Firm Scholarship ($2,000)
12/15/15 Law Offices of Billy Skinner Student Scholarship (30 second video required, $1,000)
12/15/15 The Reeves Law Group Scholarship ($2,500)
12/15/15 Strong Arm Leukemia Scholarship (must have been affected by leukemia personally or through a loved one, $1,000)
12/21/15 Trichstop’s Trichotillomania Awareness Scholarship ($500, must have Trichotillomania to apply)
12/31/15 Aspiring Attorney Aid Scholarship ($500)
12/31/15 Barry’s Tickets All Rounder Scholarship Program ($3,000)
12/31/15 The Expert Institute Legal Blog Post Writing Contest ($1,000)
12/31/15 Injury Lawyer News Disability Scholarship (must have a documented physical or learning disability, $1,000)
12/31/15 Lawstreet Capital Scholarship Award (must be a single mother, $500)
12/31/15 The Pearce Law Firm Empowering Women in Law Scholarship (women only, $2,000)
12/31/15 Shopventory Entrepreneurial Scholarship (must have a minimum 3.2 GPA and be interested in starting your own business, $1,000)
12/31/15 Wattel & York Scholarship (must be a single mother, $500)


1/15/16 Boling Rice LLC Scholarship ($1,000)
1/31/16 Nuorder Scholarship ($1,000)
1/31/16 EnergyRates.Ca College Scholarship ($500)
1/31/16 Thrive Small Business Scholarship (must plan on starting your own business, $500)



3/15/16 Dolman Law Group College Scholarship Video Essay Contest ($1,100)


4/30/16 Leukemia & Lymphoma Awareness Scholarship (must be affected by these diseases, $1,000)


5/30/16 Accident Survivor Scholarship ($1,000)
5/1/15 Michigan Auto Law Diversity Scholarship ($2,000, must be a 1L or 2L)



7/1/16 Wieand Legal Scholarship ($1,000)

Dates TBD

Advocacy Training for Interns Program (ATIP) (minimum 3 month online internship requirement, $1,000)

Afghan-American Bar Association (AABarA) Mentorship Program (pairs practicing Afghan-American attorneys with Afghan-American law students, email for information)

To submit an external scholarship opportunity, contact