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Virginia Residency

Application for Virginia In-State Educational Privileges

If you are applying for admission as an in-state student, complete the Application for In-State Educational Privileges and submit it directly to the Office of Virginia Status. The form should be sent via email to with the subject line "Law School." Please be sure that it is a scanned copy with your actual signature on it. This form is not transmitted electronically by LSAC and must be sent separately. We cannot classify you as a resident candidate without this form. The application and information about Virginia residency status, including FAQs and the appeal process, can be found on the Office of Virginia Status webpage at If you have any questions about the form or your residency status, please contact the Virginia Status Office at 434-982-3391.

Current students at Virginia Law who are seeking to apply to change their residency status to in-state should instead complete the Virginia Student Status Form that is also available at under "Other Forms for Current UVA Students or Applicants (if requested by office)."