"I am fortunate to be one of those people that can say, without any hesitation, that they love their job. Every day, I work to make my community a safer and better place. On a normal day, I may prosecute a criminal case, provide legal advice to the county, work with Child Protective Services to find a safe placement for a child and help a victim of family violence obtain a protective order. I am so thankful that the Virginia Loan Forgiveness Program allows me to follow my passion and have such a rewarding career."

—Amber Bewley '09
Assistant County Attorney, Houston County, Texas

Loan Forgiveness

The Law School is committed to making public service a viable career option for graduates who work in the public interest anywhere in the world. As a public institution of the Commonwealth, the Law School is also committed to enabling graduates to practice in underserved parts of Virginia, including in private practice. Graduates who enter qualifying employment within two years of graduation or within two years of completing a judicial clerkship are eligible to receive loan repayment assistance from the Law School. Virginia's loan forgiveness programs are funded primarily by generous donations from graduates of the Law School.

Virginia Loan Forgiveness Program (VLFP)
For graduates employed in public service

For the Classes of 2013 and later, the Law School’s revised loan forgiveness program (VLFP II) helps repay the loans of graduates who earn less than $75,000 annually in public service positions. Participants in the program who earn less than $55,000 annually receive benefits covering 100 percent of their qualifying law school loans. Those earning between $55,000 and $75,000 receive benefits prorated based on income.  In short, these participants pay nothing out of pocket toward loan repayment while in VLFP II. For the Classes of 2012 and earlier, the Law School maintains its original loan forgiveness program (VLFP I).

Virginia Loan Commonwealth Plan (VLCP)
For graduates employed in private practice in Virginia

In 2014, benefits extended to graduates who work in private practice in the Commonwealth of Virginia, focusing on an underserved part of the Commonwealth, were revised under the Virginia Loan Commonwealth Plan.

For the Classes of 2013 and later, under the terms of VLCP II, qualifying participants who earn less than $75,000 annually and who are employed in qualifying positions are eligible to receive financial assistance for repayment of law school loans. VLCP II participants who earn less than $55,000 annually receive benefits equal to 100 percent of their loan repayment obligations under IBR or PAYE for their law school loans. In short, these participants pay nothing out of pocket toward loan repayment while in VLCP II. The benefits for participants who earn more than $55,000 annually are prorated based on income.

Orange and Blue Cycle Applications

There are two cycles for processing VLFP and VLCP applications. The VLFP and VLCP "Blue Cycle" benefit period will cover the 12-month period of January through December. The "Orange Cycle," which covers the six-month period of July through December, accommodates graduates who secure employment later in the year, those with shorter-term plans and those who need flexibility in the VLFP or VLCP cycle. 

The Orange Cycle is only available to new applicants, and applicants who were specifically placed on a six-month cycle by the program director.

Blue Cycle Applications are currently available. The deadline for submitting applications and supporting documentation is Dec. 1, 2014. Blue Cycle applicants will be required to submit an abbreviated mid-year renewal application on June 1.  

Blue Cycle Application

Blue Cycle Recertification Form (for all Blue Cycle applicants who received benefits for the period of Jan. 1, 2014-Dec. 31, 2014)

Orange Cycle Application

Benefit Period
Application Due
Estimated Benefit
Disbursement Date
Orange Cycle
July 1–Dec. 31
June 1
Blue Cycle
Jan. 1–Dec. 31

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