Student Government

Student Bar Association (SBA) - The SBA is the student governing association for the Law School with the general goal of improving the law school experience. Everyone is welcome to join one of our 14 committees or to run for class representative or officer in the spring. Room SL196E.

Executive Board:

President - Alex Matthews (

Vice-President - Ashley Singletary-Claffee

Secretary - Sophie Gassman

Treasurer - Will Lawrence 

Other Voting and Non-Voting Members:

Honor Committee Representatives - Charles Gamper, Jackie Bechara

Judiciary Committee Representatives - Sam Brickfield, Kyle Snapp

Student Council Representatives - Andrew Lanius, Morgan Lingar

3L Class Senators - Shannon Hayes, Andrew Merson, Matt Drouin, Drew LaFontaine, Dave Blassberger, Charlie Greene

2L Class Senators - Lucie Hidlay, Trey Oliver, Kyle Snapp, Lauren Brown, Kara O'Connell

1L Class Senators - TBA

Committee Chairs

Academic and Faculty Relations - Andrew Lemens, Murad Salim

Alumni Relations - Emily Clary, Chelsea Ferguson

Buildings Services & Grounds - Michael Roitman

Environmental Concerns - Leila Ravi

Community Relations - Claire Collins, Tyler Grant

Diversity Advisory Council - Josephine Biempka, Matthew Haddadin

Fundraising - Katherine Webb, Samantha McKnight

Programming - Kara O'Connell, Ryan Baasch

Barrister's Ball - Morgan Lingar

Graduation - Ashley Singletary-Claffee, Rhett Ricard, Katherine Webb