Student Government

Student Bar Association (SBA) - The SBA is the student governing association for the Law School with the general goal of improving the law school experience. Everyone is welcome to join one of our 14 committees or to run for class representative or officer in the spring. Room SL196E.

President: Brian Park,

Vice President: Kyle Mathews

Secretary: Drew LaFountaine

Treasurer: Jennifer "Jen" Bryer

Honor Representatives: Natalie (Race) Whitaker, Samuel Strongin

Judiciary Representatives: Kyle Mathews, Sarah Ulmer

Student Council Reps: Jacqueline “Jacky” Werman, Andrew Lanius

ABA Law Student Representative: Benedikt Mertens, Vanessa Tarpos

2014 Class Reps: Caitlin Cipicchio, Jesska Cunningham, Drew Hollander, Mariah Johnston, Sam Leavitt

2015 Class Reps: Gregory "Greg" Bekiaris, Katherine Cook, Shannon Hayes, John Kane, Alex Matthews

2016 Class Reps: TBD

Academic and Faculty Relations: Lansing Lee, Elysse Stolpe

Alumni Relations: Alex Matthews, Kathleen Shannon

Barristers Ball:
Samantha “Sam” Seikkula

Building Services and Grounds:
Patrick Johnson

Career Services:
Caroline Schmidt, Rachel Wester

Community Relations: Kristina DiPano

Diversity: Jennifer Tian

Environmental Concerns: Margo Ludmer

: Alex Matthews

Graduation: Mariah Johnston, Sarah Ulmer

Programming: Ryan Baasch, Kristen Whitt

Public Service: Emily Schirmer, Paige Taylor