Academics: Professional Training

Environmental Law and Conservation Clinic

6 Credits (Typically offered in the spring and the fall)

Students in the semester-long Environmental Law and Conservation Clinic have the opportunity to participate in the legal practice of the Southern Environmental Law Center, a highly respected nonprofit law firm dedicated the protection and restoration of the natural resources and the environment of the Southeast.

Located here in Charlottesville, SELC's portfolio includes work at the local, state and federal levels on matters ranging from forestland and wetland protection to air and water pollution reduction. Students work directly with SELC attorneys, conducting fact investigations; participating in strategy discussions; drafting regulatory comments, court pleadings and legal briefs; participating in conferences and negotiations with legislators or other government officials (including agency staff); performing policy and litigation research and analyses; attending court and legislative proceedings; etc.

Students spend on average 16 hours per week working with the SELC attorneys in the SELC office; one hour in a weekly seminar (topics will range from substantive law overviews to policy discussions to presentations from guest speakers); and half an hour in a weekly dialogue with the environmental clinic supervisor (to be arranged between the student and the clinical supervisor). The clinic is limited to four students per semester.