The Pro Bono Challenge

The Pro Bono Challenge

The Pro Bono Challenge is the Law School’s voluntary pro bono program.  Students who complete the Pro Bono Challenge by meeting the 75- hour requirement (25 for LL.M. students) will be recognized in the graduation brochure and with a Dean-signed certificate. The graduate(s) who best demonstrate(s) an “extraordinary commitment to pro bono service” will be honored with the annual Pro Bono Award. In addition, students who log at least 25 hours in their first year) and at least 50 in their second year will receive recognition. Such recognition can be a valuable addition to your resume!

For purposes of the Pro Bono Challenge, pro bono is defined as:

  • law-related/necessitating the use of legal skills
  • supervised by a licensed attorney or law school faculty member
  • provided to a nonprofit organization, governmental agency, or a private law firm providing pro bono legal services
  • uncompensated (financially or by academic credit)
  • completed while the student is enrolled at the Law School

For hours to count towards the Pro Bono Challenge, they must be logged in GoodWorks and approved by the attorney supervisor.

Please note that not all projects that are meet the Pro Bono Challenge will qualify for the New York State Bar Pro Bono Requirement.

Jessica Douglas

Jessica Douglas '17

"Being able to use a unique skill set to provide a lasting impact is both a deeply humbling and intellectually challenging experience. These opportunities are also what motivated me to spend a portion of my summer at the Children's Law Center in Washington, D.C."