Season 4: Co-Counsel

This season, four UVA Law professors join Dean Risa Goluboff to bring their diverse experiences to the table as “Co-Counsel.” Danielle K. Citron, John C. Harrison, Cathy Hwang and Gregory Mitchell are helping to choose guests and topics for the show, and will rotate co-hosting duties. Tune in Feb. 3 for the first episode.

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About the Show

Though much divides us these days, there are still some things we all share in common. One of them is law. In “Common Law,” a podcast sponsored by the University of Virginia School of Law, Dean Risa Goluboff and UVA Law professors Danielle K. Citron, John C. Harrison, Cathy Hwang and Gregory Mitchell explore how law shapes society, how we shape law and why we should all care. 

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Risa Goluboff, Cathy Hwang and Mitu Gulati
University of Virginia law professor Mitu Gulati looks at the tragic history of Haiti’s 19th-century “odious debt” to France after islanders won their freedom from slavery, and discusses whether Haiti could recoup what it lost.
Risa Goluboff, Danielle Citron and Anita Allen
University of Pennsylvania law professor Anita L. Allen discusses her framework for stopping surveillance, fraud and exclusion targeting Black Americans online.
Risa Goluboff, Greg Mitchell and John Monahan
UVA Law professor John Monahan discusses how predicting violence became a concern for courtrooms and mental health practices nationwide, and developed alongside his own career.
Risa Goluboff, Danielle Citron and Neil Richards
Don’t care about information privacy because you have nothing to hide? Neil Richards, a law professor at the Washington University in St. Louis and a UVA Law alumnus, explains the extent to which companies mine data and seek to influence you, and why you should care.
Risa Goluboff, John Harrison and Jennifer Mascott
George Mason University law professor Jennifer Mascott discusses past and present legal challenges to the president’s power to appoint and remove executive officers.
Risa Goluboff, Cathy Hwang and Doriane Nguenang
UVA Law graduate Doriane Nguenang ’21 discusses her Virginia Law Review article on employment litigation and natural hair and protective hairstyles for Black workers.
Risa Goluboff, Greg Mitchell, Elizabeth Loftus
Psychologist Elizabeth F. Loftus, a leading expert on memory, discusses how her research transformed the justice system.
Risa Goluboff, Danielle Citron and Megan Stevenson
Would you rather spend a day in jail or be the victim of a burglary? UVA Law professor Megan Stevenson discusses why her research suggests almost no one should be detained pretrial.
Risa Goluboff, Cathy Hwang and Andrew Hayashi
Under some property tax schemes, white homebuyers moving into gentrifying neighborhoods might be getting a substantial tax break, explains UVA Law professor Andrew Hayashi.
Risa Goluboff, John Harrison, Aditya Bamzai
UVA Law professor Aditya Bamzai discusses In re Debs and the federal government’s use of injunctions with hosts John Harrison and Risa Goluboff.
Goluboff, Greg Mitchell, Tom Tyler
Yale Law School professor Tom R. Tyler joins co-host and fellow psychologist Gregory Mitchell to discuss Tyler’s work on procedural justice, including a training program for Chicago police officers.
Risa Goluboff, Danielle Citron and Kristen Eichensehr
The United States and other nations have only recently begun to publicly attribute cyberattacks to other countries, such as Russia. UVA Law professor Kristen Eichensehr proposes more transparency and legal guardrails when exposing cyberattacks.
Risa Goluboff, John Harrison and Tara Leigh Grove
University of Alabama law professor Tara Leigh Grove, a member of the Presidential Commission on the Supreme Court of the United States, joins hosts John Harrison and Risa Goluboff to discuss options for reform and why change is so difficult.
Risa Goluboff, Cathy Hwang and Quinn Curtis
Do ESG funds — those espousing environmental, social and governance values — live up to their label, and should they be regulated? UVA Law professor Quinn Curtis joins hosts Cathy Hwang and Risa Goluboff.