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25%-75%: 3.69-3.99



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Meet the Graduates

Members of the Class of 2022 discuss UVA Law.

Niko Orfanedes

Greensboro, North Carolina

"While the resources, career prospects, prestige and superb faculty are what attracts prospective students to North Grounds, it is the quality of the people at Virginia Law that makes graduation so bittersweet."

Donna Faye Imadi

Donna Faye Imadi

Alexandria, Virginia

"I’ve explored new intellectual horizons at UVA. I‘ve become an antitrust enthusiast here, reshaping the course of my future. I’ve also observed the power of the law while working downtown at the courthouse in Charlottesville, seeing how we as lawyers will shape others’ future paths."

Rambert Tyree

Rambert Tyree

Newport News, Virginia

"Our short courses offer a change of pace from the traditional semester-long classroom routine and provide a two-week long exploration into nontraditional legal topics. These courses helped diversify my law school education and broaden my perspectives of how to learn the law."

Edric Kim

Edric Kim

Los Angeles

"Law school is inherently difficult, but if there is one thing that can make it easier, it’s having a supportive community around you. UVA is exactly that, and these three years were some of the hardest yet most rewarding years of my life. "

Jeffrey Stiles

Jeffrey Stiles

New Oxford, Pennsylvania and Arequipa, Peru

"I found many of my greatest joys in law school in my role as a Peer Advisor. My 1L section (shout out to Section F!) offered an incredible community and amazing friends. Getting to participate in fostering the same sense of inclusion and support I felt with my section for others was a deep privilege. "

Andi Schlut

Andi Schlut


"UVA Law is the place to be for those people who want to enjoy their three years of law school, which makes it the place for people who want to help others enjoy their three years of law school. It’s a remarkable place to learn and grow as a person, a professional and ultimately as a budding attorney."

Emily Hockett

Emily Hockett

San Francisco

"Law school can be rigorous and very challenging, but at UVA Law students achieve a unique balance: we learn a lot and get a great education, but we also care deeply about each other. At our best, we lift each other up, brighten each other’s days and show up when it matters. I’m grateful to be a part of it."

Cait Kutchi

Cait Kutchi

Goshen, Kentucky

"My time here has taught me that it is okay to take a step back — to listen and engage with ideas before taking a position"



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