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Members of the Class of 2021 discuss UVA Law

Mihir Khetarpal

Mihir Khetarpal

Clarksburg, Maryland

"You have probably heard everyone talk about our great career offices. And everything you’ve heard is true. But perhaps just as important is having mentors who can help you make your own path. Most everyone that is a part of the UVA Law community wants to help you do that, from professors to alumni. That, to me, has been one of the greatest aspects of UVA Law, and one that does not stop at graduation."

Avery Rasmussen

Avery Rasmussen

Pensacola, Florida

"At the end of last summer I interned at the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Pensacola. Working through the district’s first in-person felony jury trial since the COVID-19 pandemic was a fascinating and unforgettable learning experience."

Grace Tang

Grace Tang

London, Ontario

"During my flight back to Charlottesville for graduation, I ended up sitting next to a UVA Law Alumni from the class of ’69. We immediately bonded over professors, classes, softball, legal issues and pro bono like old friends. When we parted, he told me with a smile, “I’m counting on you and your classmates to make this world a better place. Oh, and don’t forget to go to class reunions!”"

Arjun Ogale

Arjun Ogale

Texas and Pune, India

"I could count on one hand the number of lawyers I knew before I started law school. So when coming to Charlottesville, I did not know quite what to expect. But UVA Law was everything I could have asked for and more. It challenged me intellectually and personally. It changed the way I thought, argued, and wrote. It introduced me to incredible friends and mentors, and it opened doors that I previously did not even know existed. For those reasons, I will always be thankful for my time here."

Ronald Beach

Ronald Beach


"First and foremost, as I was before law school, I am a proud son with an incredibly supportive mother and younger brother. In addition, law school encouraged me to be someone who appreciates networking more than ever before. I will also say that I am more courageous than I was before law school. I was often struck by how some of my classmates and professors identified opportunities to grow that initially eluded me. "

Ana Tobar

Ana Tobar

Haymarket, Virginia

"What makes Virginia Law unique is that you won’t find a person who doesn’t want you to succeed. Your professors and colleagues will share in your happiness and will also be there when you need to be uplifted."

Jess Feinberg

Jess Feinberg

Palo Alto, California

"It’s difficult to express how profoundly your thinking changes through law school, even during just the first few months. I feel like I learned to see in another dimension, and I certainly think faster and more clearly than I did when I started here. "



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