The Pro Bono Program

Why We Serve

“As far back as judges and lawyers have existed, the pursuit of equal justice for all, rich and poor alike, has been the hallmark of our profession.”

—CHIEF JUDGE JONATHAN LIPPMAN, State of New York, Court of Appeals

The Law School’s Pro Bono Program embodies the vision that all law students will volunteer to end the justice gap, enhance their legal education and cultivate a life-long commitment to providing pro bono legal services to the poor and underrepresented.

Established in 1999, the Law School’s Pro Bono Program develops projects and opportunities for students to engage in pro bono;

• supports students and their supervising attorneys;

• cooperates with outside organizations to increase the availability of legal services to those in need; and

• works to inculcate students with an ethic of service and commitment to pro bono throughout their professional careers.

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Pro Bono Facts, 2017-18

Hours Logged




students logged hours

The Challenge


Class of 2018 graduates completed the 75-hour challenge

Winter Break


students logged hours at 109 organizations

The Pro Bono Experience

Students and alumni discuss their experiences volunteering to help others.

Andrew Broaddus and Kimberly Emery


The Pro Bono Program

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