Virginia Residency

As a public institution, UVA adheres to the domiciliary requirements set forth by the Code of Virginia. If you are applying for admission as an in-state student, complete the Application for In-State Educational Privileges and submit it electronically to the Office of Virginia Status. We cannot classify you as a resident candidate without the successful completion of this form.

For more information on in-state privileges, domicile requirements, and other information for active duty, retired, and discharged military members, please see the eligibility page.

Current students at Virginia Law who are seeking to change their residency status must submit an Application for Virginia Student Status.  All applications and forms must be submitted by the first day of classes of the semester for which you seek entitlement.

Please do not direct questions pertaining to residency to the Admissions Office. If you have any questions about your residency status or corresponding forms, contact the Office of Virginia Status by e-mail at @email or by phone at 434-982-3391.