Dining Information

Dining Information

UVA Dine Website for Flex and Meal Plan Registration

Outdoor TerraceSidley Austin Café: Monday-Friday 8 a.m.-2 p.m.

  • Greenberry’s Coffee Bar
  • Castle Express
  • Deli, pizza and grill options
  • Grab-and-go items

Purchases may be made with UVA Dine Flex Dollars, Cavalier Advantage, cash, credit/debit or UVA service agreements/worktags.

Flex Dollars and Meal Plans

Patrons may use Flex dollars or meal swipes for on-Grounds food purchases.  Meal swipes may be used at the three main academic dining halls or for meal exchange meals at UVA Dine (Meal Exchange options).

Student Flex dollars can be used tax-free for food at any on-Grounds UVA Dine location or for Papa John’s delivery (Ivy Road location).

Customers may add meal plans or Flex dollar accounts to their ID cards through the online registration link.

Philip M. Stone Meeting Room

Located on the northwest corner of the HMZ | Class of 1975 Student-Faculty Center, the Philip M. Stone Meeting Room offers a professional atmosphere, which is ideal for lunch meetings or interviews. The common seating area is managed by the Law School. To inquire about reserving tables or seating in the common areas, contact Gregory Streit at gbs3f@virginia.edu.  

Sidley Austin Cafe

Suggestions or Comments

Comments or suggestions can be directed to UVA Dine at dining@virginia.edu, by phone at 434-982-5140 or social media at @UVADine.