Building Usage

Building Usage

Building Access

The Law School’s exterior doors are unlocked Monday through Friday between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. and Saturday and Sunday between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. (except holidays).  When the exterior doors are locked, the building can be accessed via card readers using a University ID card. There are six entrances with card readers:

  • Withers-Brown Hall: The southeastern entrance near Caplin Auditorium
  • Withers-Brown Hall: The southern entrance closest to Arlington Boulevard
  • Clay Hall: The southwestern entrance closest to Slaughter Hall and the visitor’s parking lot
  • Slaughter Hall: The main western entrance
  • Student-Faculty Center: The main northern entrance
  • Withers-Brown Hall: The north entrance at the corner of Hunton & Williams Hall

You may exit the building at any time. Some doors are marked “Emergency Exit Only — Alarm Will Sound.” Exiting these doors will trigger an audible alarm. Reentering the building when the exterior doors are locked requires that you use one of the card readers and your University ID card.

If you have a valid University ID card and would like access to the building, please contact David Holsapple, Building Services Coordinator, at 434-924-4583 or If you have lost your University ID card, please contact the University ID Card Office at for a replacement.

UVA community members are welcome to use the Law School building after hours, but should keep their University ID cards on hand at all times. The Law School's security guard, who is on duty from 6 p.m. to 2 a.m., or the police might ask for ID after-hours as they conduct their patrols.

Use of the building is reserved for students, faculty, staff and authorized visitors. No trespassing is allowed. Animals are not permitted in the building, except for service animals. Your image may be recorded.

Building Accommodations

The Law School has wheelchair-accessible entrances at the front, side and back entrances (map). Elevators offer access to the first floor (from the basement), and second and third floors of Slaughter and Withers-Brown Halls. To access the third floor of the library, seek assistance from the first floor Circulation Desk or the second-floor Reference Desk. For general help navigating the building, check in with the reception desk of the Admissions Office, where visitor parking passes are distributed.


University policy limits sales, solicitation, and student fundraising activities in order to (1) preserve its educational mission and focus, (2) provide a secure environment, (3) protect its students and employees from exploitation, (4) respect the aesthetic qualities of the Grounds, and (5) promote fair business practices. In addition, University policy prohibits "[t]he use of University facilities and/or property for solicitations by external businesses, individuals, and groups or by individual students representing such enterprises … without prior written permission." Solicitation includes selling, promoting for the purpose of future sales, commercial advertising, and canvassing.

For more details, students should contact Student Affairs, and others should contact Building Services.

A separate policy governs the activities of bar exam prep companies at the Law School:

Signs and Postings

The Law School provides free-standing kiosks in several locations around the building for posting notices of upcoming Law School-related events.  Students, faculty, and staff may post notices on these kiosks on a first-come, first-served basis using push pins (not staples).  Notices that are posted for more than two weeks or that are out of date will be removed.  Signs and other notices that do not involve upcoming Law School-related events will be removed.

The Student Bar Association (SBA) maintains bulletin boards near Scott Commons for use by the community.  Some of these bulletin boards are designated for the posting of general information, notices, and advertisements.  Student organizations are assigned bulletin board space by the SBA in Slaughter Hall.  Each student organization maintains its own bulletin board space.

The Law School Communications Office maintains electronic bulletin boards in several locations around the building for communicating information about upcoming Law School-related events.  Similarly, other Law School departments maintain bulletin boards for communicating information related to their operations.  These bulletin boards are limited to use by these departments.

Signs and other notices may not be posted on walls, doors, windows, blackboards/whiteboards, or other surfaces not specifically designated for posting.

For any questions, students should contact Student Affairs, and others should contact Building Services.