Video & Audio

Richard Re
April 24, 2024
Professor Richard M. Re offers parting words to graduating UVA Law students, following an introduction by Kennedy Williams ’24, vice president of the Student Bar Association. Warren Gorrell Jr. ’79, CEO emeritus of Hogan Lovells and the Honor the Future Campaign co-chair, also gave remarks.
April 17, 2024
UVA Law lecturer Tiffany Graves ’06 of Bradley Arant Boult Cummings, Theodore Howard of Wiley Rein, Paul S. Lee of Steptoe & Johnson and Kathleen Wach of Miller & Chevalier Chartered share their experiences of advancing racial justice in their pro bono practice. Professor Kimberly Jenkins Robinson moderates the event, which was sponsored by the Center for the Study of Race and Law.
Mike Spivey
April 12, 2024
Mike Spivey of The Spivey Consulting Group joins Dean Natalie Blazer ’08 to discuss the latest iteration of the U.S. News and World Report law school rankings.
Roger L. Gregory
April 11, 2024
Judge Roger L. Gregory of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit gives a talk and participates in a Q&A to mark receiving the Thomas Jefferson Foundation Medal in Law. Dean Risa Goluboff served as moderator for the event.
Podcast guests
April 9, 2024
UVA Law professors Cynthia Nicoletti and Joy Milligan join host Risa Goluboff for a discussion on how divergent approaches to digging into the past can reveal some surprising truths about law and history.
Stephanos Bibas
April 5, 2024
Judge Stephanos Bibas of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit discusses the importance of storytelling to deliver judgments that are fair, impartial and grounded in law.
Admitted student
March 29, 2024
In this special episode, Dean Natalie Blazer ’08 and her microphone venture outside the studio to give listeners a rare look inside UVA Law’s Admitted Students Open House. Through on-site interviews with admitted students, their guests, current law students, faculty and staff, this episode highlights the admissions cycle’s main event, which brings hundreds of people to Charlottesville each spring.
March 29, 2024
At the Virginia Law Review’s annual symposium, Rachel Lopez of Drexel University Kline School of Law, Gerald Torres of Yale University and Kempis “Ghani” Songster, co-founder of the Redemption Project, discuss collaborations between legal scholars and people with lived experiences. Law student Dennis Ting ’24 introduces the speakers and UVA Law professor Bertrall Ross serves as moderator.
Bob Scott
March 29, 2024
Columbia University professor Robert Scott, a former UVA Law dean, discusses the growth of scholarship in contract production at the 34th Sokol Colloquium.
Tahesha Way
March 26, 2024
UVA Law alumna Tahesha L. Way ’96 speaks about her career path to the roles of New Jersey lieutenant governor and secretary of state, offers advice to current law students, and stresses the importance of voting in every election.
Podcast guests
March 26, 2024
Two former White House officials on different sides of the political aisle, Melody Barnes and John Bridgeland ’87, talk about ways to strengthen democracy and work across differences.
A. E. Dick Howard
March 21, 2024
The Virginia Law Review hosts UVA Law professors A. E. Dick Howard '61 and Charles Barzun ’05 for a fireside chat detailing Howard's career.
Danielle Citron and Kashmir Hill
March 20, 2024
Kashmir Hill discusses her 2023 book, “Your Face Belongs to Us: A Secretive Startup’s Quest to End Privacy as We Know It," with UVA Law professor Danielle Citron during a LawTech Center talk, following an introduction by Professor Elizabeth Rowe. The book explores how facial recognition technology threatens privacy.
Michal Barzuza and Leo Strine
March 19, 2024
Former Delaware Supreme Court Chief Justice Leo E. Strine Jr. speaks with UVA Law professor Michal Barzuza, arguing that businesses shouldn't be political echo chambers. The event was sponsored by the John W. Glynn Jr. Law & Business Program.
Admissions staff
March 15, 2024
Every year, UVA Law receives thousands of applications for 300 spots in the incoming class. When it comes to the process of getting admitted, how much is a numbers game, and how much is within your control? Directors of Admission Katie Delsandro and Rosanne Ibanez join Dean Natalie Blazer ’08 to discuss what makes an application package inadmissible — and how to give yourself every opportunity to beat the odds.
Elizabeth Rowe and Xuan-Thao Nguyen
March 12, 2024
University of Washington law professor Xuan-Thao Nguyen discussed her new book, “Silicon Valley Bank: The Rise and Fall of a Community Bank for Tech,” with UVA Law professor Elizabeth A. Rowe. Nguyen’s book provides a first-hand account of the founding, ascent and dissolution of Silicon Valley Bank, a tech community bank founded in 1982 with $5 million that became the nation’s 13th-largest bank and the tech industry’s lender and bank.
Podcast guests
March 12, 2024
The practice of investing in funds and companies that pay attention to environmental, social and corporate governance issues could be at a turning point, say UVA Law professors Quinn Curtis and Paul G. Mahoney.
Tommy Whiteley
March 1, 2024
Public service auction winner Tommy Whiteley ’26 joins Dean Natalie Blazer ’08 to discuss how applicants can thrive in the admissions process, 1L classes, job search and more by accepting the unknown and moving forward despite not having perfect information.
Supreme Court, Risa Goluboff, John Duffy and Dan Ortiz
February 27, 2024
UVA Law professors John Duffy and Dan Ortiz discuss whether the Supreme Court will or should overturn one of its most famous decisions, Chevron, which gave administrative agencies deference in interpreting statutes.
Trevor McFadden and Daniel Bress
February 15, 2024
Judges Daniel Bress '05 of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit and Trevor McFadden '06 of the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia discuss their paths from UVA Law School to the bench at a student Federalist Society event.
Crystal Shin and Jordan McKay
February 14, 2024
UVA Law faculty members Crystal Shin ’10 and Jordan McKay ’10 met as first-year law students in 2007. A friendship formed in Property class eventually blossomed into romance, but an ACC basketball rivalry soon threatened to derail their relationship. Tune in to learn how they overcame a first date that felt more like a direct examination, months of long distance, and opposing careers in prosecution and defense.
Risa Goluboff, Amanda Frost and Richard Re
February 13, 2024
Does the U.S. Supreme Court need more oversight in light of recent ethics concerns? UVA Law professors Amanda Frost and Richard M. Re join host Dean Risa Goluboff to discuss whether more rules are needed.
Casey Crowley and Elizabeth Putfark
February 9, 2024
Third-year law students Casey Crowley and Elizabeth Putfark join Dean Blazer ’08 to discuss the many ways law students take advantage of UVA’s location in scenic Charlottesville, Virginia. Putfark, who will join the Southern Environmental Law Center as an associate attorney this fall, shares how UVA Law’s environmental law clinic, curriculum, faculty, and student organizations nurtured her legal education and set her on the path to success.
Alec Karakatsanis
February 2, 2024
Alec Karakatsanis, founder of Civil Rights Corps, delivered the keynote address for the eighth annual Shaping Justice conference, titled “(De)Criminalizing Poverty.”
Jim Ryan, Risa Goluboff and Natalie Blazer
January 26, 2024
UVA President Jim Ryan ’92 and UVA Law Dean Risa Goluboff join Dean Natalie Blazer ’08 for this very special episode. Ryan and Goluboff discuss their favorite moments from their time at UVA Law, the joy they find in teaching, the importance of transparency in higher education, their ideal ways to spend a Saturday in Charlottesville and so much more.