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Founded by Thomas Jefferson in 1819, the University of Virginia School of Law is consistently ranked among the top 10 law schools in the United States.

Virginia’s Graduate Studies Program provides an American legal education to lawyers who have obtained their first law degree in their home countries. By maintaining a small and highly selective program of about 50 students, the Law School ensures a supportive atmosphere. LL.M. candidates take classes alongside J.D. students, allowing participants to fully engage in the community and plan their own coursework.

Studying for an LL.M. or S.J.D.

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Fast Facts, 2019-20

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Meet the Graduates

Graduate Studies Program alumni discuss UVA Law.

Satoko Miyashima

Satoko Miyashima


"UVA Law offers a lot of courses concerning business organization and finance, which are strongly related to my current practice."

Matheus Azevedo Bastos De Oliveira

Matheus Azevedo Bastos De Oliveira


"UVA Law met every expectation I could have had in my pursuit of an LL.M. degree. Apart from being a top-tier law school in the U.S., UVA provides a springboard for the development of my professional, academic and social skills."

Guilhereme Azevedo Alves

Guilhereme Azevedo Alves


"I am positive that being a LL.M. student at UVA Law had a major influence in securing a foreign associate position in a tier-1 global law firm during the Optical Practical Training."

Carlos Ibarguengoitia Zugarramurdi ’16

Carlos Ibarguengoitia Zugarramurdi


"There were many reasons for me to come to UVA, among others: its academic excellence; its flexibility to design a high-quality, multi-disciplinary program; and the fact that UVA seeks to create a true community (with all that that implies)."

Cosi Piehler

Cosi Piehler


"The small classes allow for a lot of discussion about legal questions in the broader societal context."

Yumiao Wang

Yumiao Wang


"The excellent and available professors, the diverse and high-quality courses, and the cohesive and friendly atmosphere make everything worth it."

Shafira Putri

Shafira Putri


"All of the school-sponsored lunches and dinners provide a different room for professors and students to interact, exchange thoughts and learn from each other. Combined with the allocation of office hours, the amount of dedication that UVA Law professors show for the students is top-notch."

Daniel Parodi

Daniel I. Parodi


"One of the most remarkable things about the School of Law is how smart the J.D.s are. The questions and interactions between students and professors are brilliant."

Maria Londono

Maria Londono


"The LL.M. program at the University of Virginia School of Law is small and selective. Students in the program can enroll in any class offered in the J.D. program, including first-year courses."

Thierry von Aarburg

Thierry von Aarburg


"I chose UVA Law because of its excellent reputation, the great student-faculty ratio and class sizes, and the large number of courses, as well as its location."

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