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    Erasing a Racist Past

    Professor Joy Milligan Argues That Animus Test Is Slippery Slope for Courts Addressing Remedies for Racist Policies

  • John Harrison, Danielle Citron, Risa Goluboff, Greg Mitchell, Cathy Hwang

    Listen to ‘Common Law’

    Professors John Harrison, Danielle Citron, Greg Mitchell and Cathy Hwang join Dean Risa Goluboff as “Co-Counsel” on season 4 of the UVA Law podcast.

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  • UVA Law students

    A Ranking ‘Review’

    UVA Law tops the 2023 Princeton Review rankings:

    No. 1 Best Quality of Life
    No. 2 Best Career Prospects
    No. 4 Best Professors
    No. 4 Best Classroom Experience


  • Explore Charlottesville


  • Life at UVA Law

    Find out why “it’s all about the people” at the second-oldest continuously operating law school in the nation.



  • Justice John Charles Thomas

    Respect for the Law

    “We are part of this big process that has fundamental authority over large parts of our lives and that it’s an important thing that we do, and we recognize it. When you’re a part of that system and a part of that process, there’s a dignity to it and an honor to it — and there’s an excitement to it.”

    Retired Virginia Supreme Court justice and Appellate Litigation instructor


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Academic Spotlight

Law & Business

Law & Business

The John W. Glynn, Jr. Law & Business Program builds a bridge between law school and the real problems encountered in business law practice.


Experiential Learning

Experiential Learning

The Law School offers 24 clinics, extensive legal writing and public speaking programs, and short courses taught by practitioners, among other experiential learning opportunities.


Law and Public Service Program

Law and Public Service Program

Learn about a program that offers mentoring, funding for summer jobs in public service, and courses geared towards students interested in public service.



UVA Law Network

The UVA Law Network

A network of about 20,000 alumni, 50 percent of whom give to the Law School each year, is every graduate’s most valuable resource.

Alumni from across the country share career and networking advice through our #UVALawNetwork series.