Inside the Classroom

Inside the Classroom

These videos offer an inside look at UVA Law School courses from some of the school's top professors.

Contracts, With George Cohen

Contracts, With George Geis

Entrepreneurship, With Rob Masri '96



National Security Law, With Professor Ashley Deeks



Civil Rights Litigation, With Professor John C. Jeffries Jr.


Criminal Law, With Professor Anne Coughlin



Property, With Professor Alex Johnson


Constitutional History II: The Twentieth Century, With Professor Risa Goluboff



Constitutional Law II: Freedom of Speech and Press, With Professor Frederick Schauer


Contracts, With J. H. "Rip" Verkerke 
(Scenes From a "Technology-Enhanced" 1L Course) (More)



Evidence, With Professor Greg Mitchell


The Law of Agency, With Professor George Geis



Criminal Law, With Professor Thomas Frampton

Corporate Structure, With Professor Cathy Hwang