Law Studies Abroad

Law Studies Abroad

UVA Law’s study abroad opportunities help prepare students for the challenges of law practice in a global world. The benefits of study abroad are both academic and professional — students have the opportunity to gain knowledge of a foreign legal system and culture first-hand, acquire an international perspective, improve cross-cultural skills, and in many cases, refine their foreign-language skills. Students who study abroad also have the opportunity to build personal and professional connections in the host country.

International Exchange Programs

Second- and third-year students may participate in eight international exchange programs:

Students who participate in these exchange programs will be abroad either in the fall semester of their third year (Auckland, Bucerius, Instituto de Empresa, Melbourne, Seoul, Sydney, Tel Aviv, Waseda) or in the spring semester of their second year (Tel Aviv). Students earn 12 transfer credits and one residency semester. Students who wish to earn additional credits may concurrently enroll in independent research projects at Virginia while on exchange.


Transfer students awarded two residency semesters at entrance are not eligible to participate in these international exchange programs.

Language Requirements

Bucerius offers over a dozen courses in English, Tel Aviv offers approximately a dozen, and Instituto de Empresa and Waseda offer about eight courses. Therefore at these schools proficiency in the local language is beneficial, but not required. However, students enrolling in the dual-degree program at Sciences Po must demonstrate that they are highly proficient in French, as all classes are conducted in French, and students must submit papers and exams written in French. 

How to Apply

Students who wish to apply for the exchange programs or the dual-degree program should submit to the faculty International Relations Committee (via Professor Mila Versteeg) a resume, an unofficial transcript, and a brief (300 word limit) statement about why they wish to study at the particular institution. Applications for all programs are due in October each year. Students are permitted to apply to more than one program, but preference will be given in the selection process to applicants who have focused reasons for studying at a particular school.

Interested students should contact the Student Records Office for further information.

Student-Initiated Study Abroad

Under the student-initiated study abroad program a student may spend one semester away from the Law School studying law in a foreign university law school or law department, for which the student will receive up to 15 credits (up to 12 transfer credits for coursework completed at the foreign law school and three graded credits for a research paper to be written as part of the study abroad experience) and one semester of residence credit toward the J.D. degree. Program requirements and application procedures are available in Academic Policies.


Students may spend one semester abroad (or in the U.S.) in a supervised setting combining academic legal research and work experience through the Externships Program, for which students receive 12 credits. Past host organizations include the Chesapeake Bay Foundation, the Association for Water and Rural Development in South Africa, National Public Radio, the Center for Implementing Public Policies on Equity and Growth in Buenos Aires, and the War Crimes Chamber of the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina. More

January Term Abroad

The Law school offers January term options in Paris and Tel Aviv, Israel.


Approximately 25 students a year participate in the Law School's January term option in Paris. Participants complete a one-credit intensive course on French Public and Private Law, taught in English by a member of the law faculty of the University of Paris II (Panthéon-Assas). They also benefit from a speaker series and visit sites in Paris. These sessions, which are intended to permit a direct experience of the French legal culture and French institutions, are conducted in English.

Tel Aviv

The weeklong, two-credit Israeli Business Law and Innovation course, led by UVA Law's Michal Barzuza, a corporate law expert, and Dotan Oliar, an intellectual property expert, introduces students to the legal aspects that facilitate Israel’s entrepreneurial environment through a series of lectures and meetings with academics, practicing lawyers, regulators, judges and entrepreneurs that take place at Tel Aviv University and off-campus. More


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