Law Studies Abroad

Law Studies Abroad

UVA Law’s study abroad opportunities help prepare students for the challenges of law practice in a global world. The benefits of study abroad are both academic and professional — students have the opportunity to gain knowledge of a foreign legal system and culture first-hand, acquire an international perspective, improve cross-cultural skills, and in many cases, refine their foreign-language skills. Students who study abroad also have the opportunity to build personal and professional connections in the host country.

Note: All international travel undertaken by students for University-related purposes is subject to the University’s Policy on Student International Travel. The University may suspend travel due to health and safety concerns or may impose additional restrictions on travel (e.g., requiring all participants to stay in same hotel, limited site visits, etc.). We discourage students from obtaining non-refundable fares/reservations.

International Exchange Programs

Third-year students may participate in 10 international exchange programs:

Students who participate in these exchange programs will be abroad in the fall semester of their third year. Students earn 12 transfer credits and one residency semester. Students who wish to earn additional credits may concurrently enroll in independent research projects at Virginia Law while on exchange.


Transfer students awarded two residency semesters at entrance are not eligible to participate in these international exchange programs.

How to Apply

Applications for the 2022-2023 cycle must be subimtted using an online application. The deadline to apply is Monday, November 1, at 12:00 pm. Apply here.

  • Information session on October 19 at 2:30pm in Caplin Auditorium
  • Notification of committee decisions on or around November 19

Student-Initiated Study Abroad

Under the student-initiated study abroad program a student may spend one semester away from the Law School studying law in a foreign university law school or law department, for which the student will receive up to 15 credits (up to 12 transfer credits for coursework completed at the foreign law school and three graded credits for a research paper to be written as part of the study abroad experience) and one semester of residence credit toward the J.D. degree. Program requirements and application procedures are available in Academic Policies.


Students may spend one semester abroad working for a government or nonprofit organization and writing a substantial research paper under the guidance of a resident faculty member, for a total of 13 credits. Past host organizations have included the International Development Law Organization in Rome; the International Bar Association in London; International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea in Hamburg; a U.S. Army Base in South Korea; the U.N. International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda in the Hague; and the South Africa Litigation Centre in Johannesburg. More

January Term Abroad

The Law school offers January term options in Paris, France, and Tel Aviv, Israel.

Paris, France

Approximately 25 students a year participate in the Law School's January term option in Paris, France. Participants complete a one-credit intensive course on French Public and Private Law, taught in English by a member of the law faculty of the University of Paris II (Panthéon-Assas). Students also benefit from a speaker series and visit sites in Paris. These sessions, which are intended to permit a direct experience of the French legal culture and French institutions, are conducted in English.

Tel Aviv, Israel

The weeklong, two-credit Israeli Business Law and Innovation course, led by UVA Law's Michal Barzuza, a corporate law expert, and Dotan Oliar, an intellectual property expert, introduces students to the legal aspects that facilitate Israel’s entrepreneurial environment through a series of lectures and meetings with academics, practicing lawyers, regulators, judges and entrepreneurs that take place at Tel Aviv University and off-campus. More


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Sarah and Molly Houston in Israel

Postcard From Abroad: Student Explores Israeli Legal System

Sarah Houston ’20 Spends Fall Semester Studying Abroad at Tel Aviv University. 

“Israel is a country built on innovation. You cannot walk the streets of Tel Aviv without seeing a new startup or tech hub. It is also a place that isn’t afraid to experiment, acting as a country-sized incubator.”