Season 6: Free Exchange

Though much divides us these days, there are still some things we all share in common. One of them is law. In “Common Law,” a podcast sponsored by the University of Virginia School of Law, Dean Risa Goluboff interviews faculty and others about how law shapes society, how we shape law and why we should all care.

Season 6, “Free Exchange,” features the kind of robust discussions and debates that go on behind the scenes among faculty at the University of Virginia School of Law. Dean Risa Goluboff returns to host. Listen to the first episode Feb. 13.

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Risa Goluboff, Craig Konnoth and Karen Tani
Experts increasingly use the language of medicine and disability to address social issues like poverty and racial discrimination. Professors Craig Konnoth of UVA Law and Karen M. Tani of Penn Law discuss how we got here.
Professor Kenneth S. Abraham
“Common Law” looks back on a Season 1 episode about liability issues connected to autonomous vehicles, featuring UVA Law professor Kenneth S. Abraham and alum Mike Raschid ’86. Has the future finally arrived?
Risa Goluboff, Joy Milligan, Cynthia Nicoletti
UVA Law professors Cynthia Nicoletti and Joy Milligan join host Risa Goluboff for a discussion on how divergent approaches to digging into the past can reveal some surprising truths about law and history.
Risa Goluboff, Melody Barnes, John Bridgeland
Two former White House officials on different sides of the political aisle, Melody Barnes and John Bridgeland ’87, talk about ways to strengthen democracy and work across differences.
Risa Goluboff, Quinn Curtis and Paul Mahoney with an image of a tree growing among money
The practice of investing in funds and companies that pay attention to environmental, social and corporate governance issues could be at a turning point, say UVA Law professors Quinn Curtis and Paul G. Mahoney.
Risa Goluboff, John Duffy and Dan Ortiz with the Supreme Court building statue
UVA Law professors John Duffy and Dan Ortiz discuss whether the Supreme Court will or should overturn one of its most famous decisions, Chevron, which gave administrative agencies deference in interpreting statutes.
Risa Goluboff, Amanda Frost and Richard Re over a Supreme Court photo
Does the U.S. Supreme Court need more oversight in light of recent ethics concerns? UVA Law professors Amanda Frost and Richard M. Re join host Dean Risa Goluboff to discuss whether more rules are needed.