Class of 2022 Graduation Pledge Campaign

Class of 2022 Class Agents

The Class of 2022 successfully concluded its graduation gift pledge campaign, Our Impact Our Legacy, with 239 members of the class making a pledge, for a 75% participation rate. 

Led by co-chairs Caroline Spadaro and Ansley Seay, 27 class agent volunteers reached out to every classmate to ask for a pledge to make a gift for the four years leading to their fifth reunion. 

The Class of 1996 established the graduation gift pledge campaign to encourage support from the Law School’s newest alumni. To date, the Class of 2009 holds the record for highest participation, with 93% of the class, 374 donors, making a pledge before graduating.

For 14 consecutive years, 80% or more of the graduating class committed to future support of the Law School. In recent history, the Class of 2019 set a participation rate of 88%. The Class of 2020 did not have a campaign due to the pandemic and the Class of 2021, in a hybrid year, achieved a 52% participation rate.



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Class of 2022 Graduation Gift Pledge Campaign Co-Chairs

  • Caroline Spadaro
  • Ansley Seay

Class Agents

  • Lera Bamgbala
  • Christopher Benos
  • Roni Courtney
  • Eric Feldman
  • Kelli Finnegan
  • Sean Hickey
  • Donna Faye Imadi
  • Lauren Johnson
  • Peter Kaplan
  • Christina Kelly
  • Ardi Khalafi
  • Connor Kurtz
  • Trace Larabee
  • Jack Ligon
  • Tiffany Mickel
  • Sam Mirzai
  • Katherine O'Neal
  • Abby Porter
  • Andi Schlut Greco
  • Eric Seifriz
  • Margaret Shin
  • Jeffrey Stiles
  • Tallulah Tepper
  • Philip Tonseth
  • Rambert Tyree
  • Tommy Wiltshire
  • Jack Wollmuth