Public Service

Public Service

The following statistics are for 2018-19.

$703,370 awarded to 166 students working in public interest jobs in the summer of 2019
Where PILA Grantees Worked

15,998 pro bono hours logged, 312 students logged hours 

72 Class of 2019 graduates completed at least 75 hours of pro bono while in law school, completing the school's Pro Bono Challenge

168 students logged pro bono hours at 100 organizations during winter break

58 students participated in the 2019 Alternative Spring Break Pro Bono Program at 25 locations More

Careers in Public Service

Four senators and three representatives who graduated from UVA Law currently serve in the U.S. Congress.

Other alumni serve in government at the highest levels. UVA is No. 6 among law schools in the number of graduates serving as U.S. attorneys, federal judges and state attorneys general and solicitors general. When the metric includes just state attorneys general and solicitors general, the school is No. 5. More

According to research completed by the Public Service Center in July 2017, the Law School is No. 2 in the number of graduates serving as state attorneys general.

Outside of government, alumni pursue a range of public interest and nonprofit careers.

Hundreds of alumni are judges, including at federal appellate courts, state supreme courts, and a judge on the World Court.

High-profile graduates have a history of public service: Alums include Robert F. Kennedy ’51, Ted Kennedy ’59, Robert Mueller ’73, former Puerto Rico Gov. Luis Fortuño, former Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano ’83, and numerous governors and state legislators.

Alumni have had amazing careers in academia — UVA President Jim Ryan ’92 is an alum, and Elizabeth Magill ’95, currently dean at Stanford Law School, will serve as UVA provost. Napolitano is now the head of the University of California system.

And graduates are supported through the Virginia Loan Forgiveness Program and a range of salaried fellowships and sources of funding for summer jobs.

The Public Service Center also operates an alumni mentoring network to give UVA Law students on the fast track to understanding their future field.

PILA Grantees

$703,370 in PILA Grants Awarded to 166 Students Working in Public Interest for Summer 2019

UVA Law's grant program supporting students who will work in the public interest over the summer offered 166 students $703,370 in funding, a new high on both counts.