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  • Martha Lubin Karsh and Bruce A. Karsh Bicentennial Professor of Law

Craig Konnoth writes in health and civil rights, as well as on health data regulation. He is also active in LGBT rights litigation, and has filed briefs in the U.S. Supreme Court and the Tenth Circuit on LGBT rights issues. His publications have appeared or will appear in the Yale Law Journal, the Stanford Law Review, the Hastings Law Journal, the University of Pennsylvania Law Review, the Iowa Law Review, the online companions to the Penn law review and the Washington & Lee Law Review, and as chapters in edited volumes. In 2022, he was named UVA’s John T. Casteen III Faculty Fellow in Ethics, a program that supports integrating ethical analysis and reasoning into courses. In 2021, he was awarded a Greenwall Foundation Fellowship, which is the nation’s foremost fellowship in bioethics for early career scholars.

Konnoth formerly was an associate professor at the University of Colorado, where he ran the Health Law Certificate Program. Prior to Colorado, he was a Sharswood and Rudin Fellow at the University of Pennsylvania Carey Law School and New York University Medical School, where he taught health information law, health law, and LGBT health law and bioethics.

Konnoth has also served as a deputy solicitor general with the California Department of Justice, where his docket primarily involved cases before the U.S. Supreme Court, and also before the California Supreme Court and the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. His cases involved the contraceptive mandate in the Affordable Care Act, sexual orientation change efforts, Facebook privacy policies and cellphone searches. Before moving into government, Konnoth was the R. Scott Hitt Fellow in Law and Policy at the Williams Institute at UCLA Law School, where he focused on issues affecting same-sex partners, long-term care and Medicaid coverage issues, and drafted HIV rights legislation. He clerked for Judge Margaret McKeown of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.


  • J.D.
    Yale Law School
  • M.Phil.
    Cambridge University
  • B.A.
    Fordham University


Panel Discussion on How to Become a Full-Time Law Professor (with al. et), Journal of Legal Education (2020).

Book Chapters

SMITH V. RASMUSSEN (with Heather Walter McCabe), in Feminist Judgments: Rewritten Health Law Opinions, Cambridge University Press, 237–263 (2022).
Normative Bases of Medical Civil Rights, in Disability, Health, Law and Bioethics, Cambridge University Press, 200–210 (2020).
Transparency versus Informed Consent: The Patient/Consumer Paradigms, in Transparency in Health and Health Care in the United States: Law and Ethics, Cambridge University Press, 75–87 (2019).
Reclaiming Biopolitics: Religion and Psychiatry in the Sexual Orientation Change Therapy Cases and the Establishment Clause Defense, in Law, Religion, and Health in the United States, Cambridge University Press, 276–287 (2017).

Articles & Reviews

The Problem of “Relevant Experience”, 23 American Journal of Bioethics 36–38 (2023).
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Race and Medical Double-Binds, 121 Columbia Law Review Forum 135 (2021).
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Reports & Datasets

Extending Medicaid Long-Term Care Impoverishment Protections to Same-Sex Couples (with Christy Mallory, Jennifer Pizer & Brad Sears), Report to Services and Advocacy for GLBT Elders (2012).

Op-Eds, Blogs, Shorter Works

Polis Right to Issue Eviction Moratorium, The Denver Post 13A (May 4, 2020).
The Orlando Shootings and Homophobia in Healthcare, The Health Care Blog (June 25, 2016).
Confusion over HIPAA Causes Grief in Orlando (with Arthur Caplan), The Health Care Blog (June 14, 2016).
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Outcome of Attorney General's Race May Affect Gay Marriage Case, Sacramento Bee A13 (November 9, 2010).

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