Ann Woolhandler

  • William Minor Lile Professor of Law
  • Armistead M. Dobie Professor of Law

Ann Woolhandler joined the resident faculty of the Law School in January 2002, after spending the spring of 2001 as a visiting professor at Virginia. Formerly a professor of law at Tulane University, she is an expert on the federal court system and civil procedure. She has been a visiting professor at Harvard and Boston University, and on the faculty of the University of Cincinnati. 

Scholarship Profile: Illuminating the Federal Courts (Virginia Journal 2002)


  • J.D.
    Harvard Law School
  • B.A.
    Yale University


Bad Faith Prosecution (with Michael G. Collins & Jonathan Remy Nash), Virginia Law Review (2023).
Federal Courts and Takings Litigation (with Julia D. Mahoney), Notre Dame Law Review (2022).

Works in Progress

Book Chapters

Overcoming Sovereign Immunity: Causes of Action for Enforcing the Constitution (with Michael G. Collins), in The Cambridge Companion to the United States Constitution, Cambridge University Press, 165-184 (2018).
The Story of Tarble’s Case: State Habeas and Federal Detention (with Michael G. Collins), in Federal Courts Stories, Foundation Press, 141-161 (2010).

Articles & Reviews

Was Bivens Necessary? (with Michael G. Collins), 96 Notre Dame Law Review 1893-1921 (2021).
Inmate Constitutional Claims and the Scienter Requirement (with Michael G. Collins), 98 Washington University Law Review 645-669 (2020).
State Jurisdictional Independence and Federal Supremacy (with Michael G. Collins), 72 Florida Law Review 73-125 (2020).
Reining-In State Standing (with Michael G. Collins), 94 Notre Dame Law Review 2015-2031 (2019).
Judicial Federalism under Marshall and Taney (with Michael G. Collins), 2017 Supreme Court Review 337-384 (2018).
Adverse Interests and Article III, 111 Northwestern University Law Review 1025-1065 (2017).
Procedural Due Process Liberty Interests, 43 Hastings Constitutional Law Quarterly 811-860 (2016).
Between the Acts: Federal Court Abstention in the 1940s and ‘50s, 59 New York Law School Law Review 211-240 (2015).
Governmental Sovereignty Actions, 23 William & Mary Bill of Rights Journal 209-236 (2014).
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Rethinking the Judicial Reception of Legislative Facts, 41 Vanderbilt Law Review 111-126 (1988).
Patterns of Official Immunity and Accountability, 37 Case Western Reserve Law Review 396-483 (1986).

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