Law School Posting Policy

Posting at the Law School is regulated by several Law School and University policies, including this policy, the Law School Speech PolicyUniversity policy PRM-008 (which addresses exterior posting and chalking), and University policy STAF-002 (which addresses student organizations). At the Law School, posting on walls, doors, windows, chalkboards/whiteboards, or other surfaces not specifically designated for posting is prohibited.

The Law School provides free-standing event kiosks in several locations around the building for posting notices of upcoming Law School-related events. Law School students, faculty, and staff may post notices on these event kiosks on a first-come, first-served basis using push pins (not staples). Notices that are posted for more than two weeks, that are out of date, that do not involve upcoming Law School-related events, or that do not clearly indicate the name of the sponsoring organization will be removed by Building Services.

The Student Bar Association (SBA) maintains bulletin boards in Hunton Andrews Kurth Hall for use by the community. Some of these bulletin boards are designated for the posting of general information, notices, and advertisements. Student organizations are assigned bulletin board space by the SBA in Slaughter Hall and Hunton Andrews Kurth Hall. Each student organization maintains its own bulletin board space and establishes policies for its use. The Law School does not manage these bulletin boards.

Law School administrative departments maintain bulletin boards (including electronic displays) in various locations around the building for communicating information related to their operations. These bulletin boards are limited to use by these departments.

Regardless of the type of bulletin board or location, you should not remove, cover, or alter someone else’s posting unless (1) you have their permission or (2) you are doing so in a space that you are authorized to maintain.

If you have any questions or if you have concerns about a posting that might have been improperly posted, removed, covered, or altered, then students should contact Student Affairs, and others should contact Building Services.