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Graduates aren't just getting jobs at law firms. They are getting jobs at the nation's most elite firms, and progressing to leadership roles.



Law Firm Strength

No. 2

in the country in the percentage of the Class of 2020 who went directly to firms of 500 or more attorneys or to federal clerkships

No. 2

in Above the Law’s 2021 law school rankings, which focus on employment outcomes

No. 5

in the number of female graduate attorneys in the National Law Journal’s top 500 firms, according to Legal Compass (September 2020)


Virginia has graduates in all 100 of the American Lawyer top 100 firms (May 2021)

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Where Our Graduates Go

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Salaries for the 220 students in the Class of 2020 going into the private sector reflect the strength of the career services program.

  • 75th percentile: $190,000
  • 50th percentile: $190,000
  • 25th percentile: $190,000


Long-Term Career Success

Not only are graduates' immediate outcomes in the private sector excellent, but so too are their long-term career prospects. Virginia is:

No. 5 in the number of partners in the American Lawyer top 100 firms (September 2020).
No. 2 in the number of graduates leading the nation's top 100 firms, according to an Above the Law report.
No. 5 in the number of associates promoted to partner in the 100 largest firms in 2020, according to the National Law Journal.
No. 3 in the number of chief legal officers at the nation's top 500 companies, according to a 2019 survey by Chambers Associate.

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