On-Grounds Recruiting

Our "On-Grounds" Interview (OGI) Program will be held July 31-August 3, 2023. July 31 through August 2 will be entirely virtual. August 3 will be a hybrid of virtual and in-person interviews.*

Our 2023 OGI and Resume Collection sessions will proceed on the following schedules:

  Summer OGI June Resume Collection July Resume Collection September OGI
Encouraged Registration Deadline

March 3

(After this date, our ability to accommodate specific
date and room requests will be more limited.)

May 5 May 5 July 10
Assigned Dates Provided to Employers March 17 (first round, then rolling basis.) N/A N/A Rolling Basis
Students Bidding Begins May 22 May 22 May 22 July 14
Student Bidding Ends June 24 June 11 July 16 Aug. 20
Employers Generate Resume Packets June 27 June 12 July 17 Aug. 21
Preselects/Alternates Due from Employers July 6 N/A N/A Aug. 28
Interview Schedules Opened to Employers July 24 N/A N/A September 8
OGI Dates July 31-August 3 N/A N/A September 11-12

*Based on current registrations, it appears that very few firms plan to interview students in-person. For those planning to interview students in Charlottesville, if past is precedent, fewer than half of our students will be in town--a portion of your schedule will almost certainly still be virtual.