Class of 2020 Profile

Class of 2020 Profile

As of Oct. 5, 2017 | News Story

The Class of 2020 is a diverse and accomplished group of students from across the country.  The 319 students come from 38 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico, and attended 154 undergraduate institutions.

Median LSAT: 169
25%-75% LSAT: 163-170
Median GPA: 3.87
25%-75% GPA: 3.56-3.94
Age Range: 20 to 41

319 students enrolled from among 5,068 applicants
53% men, 47% women
24% identify themselves as people of color (including people of Middle Eastern descent, who are counted as Caucasian by the ABA)
67% have postgraduate experience

Geographic Representation

Students come from 38 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico. In addition to Virginia, the following states are represented by four or more students:

California 31 Utah 7
Florida 24 Ohio 6
New York  19 Connecticut 5
Texas 18 Oklahoma 5
Maryland 14 Arkansas 4
North Carolina 13 Colorado 4
Pennsylvania 12 Illinois 4
Tennessee 10 Indiana 4
Georgia 8 Massachusetts 4
New Jersey 8 Missouri 4
District of Columbia 7 Oregon 4

Where They Went to College

Members of the Class of 2020 come from 154 undergraduate schools. Schools with three or more first-years represented include:

University of Virginia 17 University of Florida 4
College of William & Mary 12 University of Utah 4
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill 11 American University 3
Georgetown University 9 Boston College 3
Duke University 8 Brown University 3
Dartmouth College 7 Cornell University 3
George Washington University 7 Hampden-Sydney College 3
University of Texas, Austin 7 Harvard University 3
University of California, Berkeley 7 Ohio State University 3
Northwestern University 6 Rice University 3
University of Miami 6 United States Naval Academy 3
Brigham Young University 5 University of Central Florida 3
Princeton University 5 University of Michigan 3
University of California, Los Angeles 5 University of Oklahoma 3
University of Georgia 5 Virginia Commonwealth University 3
University of Maryland, College Park 5 Vanderbilt University 3
University of Pittsburgh 5    


Class of 2019 Profile

Ben Cabranes

Before coming to UVA, BENJAMIN CABRANES of New Haven, Connecticut, attended Dartmouth College, where he earned his bachelor’s degree in government.

Cabranes decided he wanted to attend law school after working as an investigative analyst for the Public Corruption Unit at the New York County District Attorney’s Office, where he assisted in investigating crimes committed by New York City police officers and public officials, and worked on a bribery trial from jury selection through the final verdict.

“As soon as I set foot on North Grounds, I could feel a sense of community that I had not experienced on any other Law campus which I had visited,” he said.


Alexis Wallace

When ALEXIS WALLACE began her law school search, she was looking for a place that would foster community, along with a legal education. Before applying to law school, Wallace, who hails from Jackson, Mississippi, recalled speaking to a local attorney.

“He said, ‘Law school is terrible. I don't know anyone who enjoyed it.’ After a short pause, he corrected himself and added, ‘Actually, one of my colleagues seemed to like his experience at UVA.’”

From that moment on, Wallace decided UVA Law was her focus.


Laura Yang

LAURA YANG is from Cupertino, California, where she graduated from the University of Southern California and worked as a management consulting analyst in San Francisco. While at USC she was a member of student government and an associate editor of the USC Journal of Law and Society. Growing up, Yang spent eight years living abroad in Asia.

She made the decision to attend UVA Law after visiting the school last fall.

“I experienced first-hand the warmth and collegiality of the UVA Law community and could not help but be infected by the positive energy,” she said.