Quinn Curtis

  • Associate Dean for Curricular Programs
  • The Honorable Albert V. Bryan Jr. ’50 Research Professor of Law

Quinn Curtis joined the law faculty in 2011. He teaches courses on corporate law, securities and venture capital. His research focuses on empirical law and finance.  He has written extensively on the regulation of mutual funds and retirement accounts, including empirical work on 401(k) plans, mutual fund governance and fee litigation. His other research interests include corporate governance and corporate litigation.   

His publications have appeared, among other places, in the Yale Law Journal; the University of Pennsylvania Law Review; the Journal of Law, Economics, and Organizations; and the Journal of Legal Studies. He is a charter board member of the Society of Investment Law and a research member of ECGI.  

Curtis received his undergraduate degrees in philosophy and physics magna cum laude from Ohio State University, where he was elected to Phi Beta Kappa. He received his J.D. from Yale Law School, where he served as an articles editor on the Yale Law Journal. He received his Ph.D. in finance from Yale School of Management in 2011. Prior to attending law school, Curtis worked as a software engineer at Microsoft Corp.


  • J.D.
    Yale Law School
  • Ph.D.
    Yale University
  • B.A.
    Ohio State University
  • B.S.
    Ohio State University


The Millennial Corporation: Strong Stakeholders, Weak Managers (with Michal Barzuza & David Webber), Stanford Journal of Law Business & Finance (2023).

Works in Progress

Green Bonds, Empty Promises (with Mark C. Weidemaier & G. Mitu Gulati) (2023).

Book Chapters

The Past and Present of Mutual Fund Fee Litigation under Section 36(b), in Research Handbook on the Regulation of Mutual Funds, Edward Elgar, 164–184 (2018).

Articles & Reviews

ESG and Private Ordering (with Michal Barzuza & David Webber), 1 Chicago Business Law Review 1 (2022).
Do ESG Mutual Funds Deliver on Their Promises? (with Jill E. Fisch & Adriana Robertson), 120 Michigan Law Review 393–450 (2021).
Information and Deterrence in Shareholder Derivative Litigation, 23 American Law and Economics Review 395–431 (2021).
Career Concerns for Revealing Misreporting (with Justin Hopkins), Review of Accounting Studies 1–34 (2021).
Shareholder Value(s): Index Fund ESG Activism and the New Millennial Corporate Governance (with Michal Barzuza & David H. Webber), 93 Southern California Law Review 1243–1321 (2020).
Costs, Conflicts, and College Savings: Evaluating Section 529 Savings Plans, 37 Yale Journal on Regulation 116–163 (2020).
Revealing Corporate Financial Misreporting (with Dain C. Donelson & Justin Hopkins), 36 Contemporary Accounting Research 1337–1372 (2019).
Crisis-Driven Tax Law: The Case of Section 382 (with Albert Choi & Andrew Hayashi), 23 Florida Tax Review 1–72 (2019).
The Fiduciary Rule Controversy and the Future of Investment Advice, 9 Harvard Business Law Review 53–100 (2019).
Board Interlocks and Outside Directors’ Protection (with Michal Barzuza), 46 Journal of Legal Studies 129–160 (2017).
Do Mutual Fund Investors Get What They Pay For? Securities Law and Closet Index Funds (with K. J. Cremers), 11 Virginia Law & Business Review 31–93 (2016).
Do the Merits Matter? Empirical Evidence on Shareholder Suits from Options Backdating Litigation (with Minor Myers), 164 University of Pennsylvania Law Review 291–347 (2016).
Board Interlocks and Corporate Governance (with Michal Barzuza), 39 Delaware Journal of Corporate Law 669–701 (2015).
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State Foreclosure Laws and Mortgage Origination in the Subprime, 49 Journal of Real Estate Finance & Economics 303–328 (2014).
Tacking in Shifting Winds: A Short Response to Bubb and Pildes (with Andrew Hayashi & Michael A. Livermore), 127 Harvard Law Review Forum 204–209 (2014).
Taking Exit Rights Seriously: Why Governance and Fee Litigation Don't Work in Mutual Funds (with John D. Morley), 120 Yale Law Journal 84–143 (2010).

Op-Eds, Blogs, Shorter Works

Investment Law Scholars’ Amicus Brief in Hughes v. Northwestern University (with William Birdthistle) Harvard Law School Forum on Corporate Governance (2021).
Do ESG Mutual Funds Deliver on Their Promises? (with Jill E. Fisch & Adriana Robertson) Harvard Law School Forum on Corporate Governance (2021).
Why Millennials Will Win Trump’s War on Socially Responsible Investing (with Michal Barzuza & David H. Webber), The Hill (October 27, 2020).
The Past and Present of Mutual Fund Fee Recognition, Harvard Law School Forum on Corporate Governance & Financial Regulation Blog (June 6, 2019).




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