Advanced Legal Research

Information Introduction

Section 1, Spring 24

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Credits: 2
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1000-1120 WB278

Course Description

Our goal for this class is to give you an opportunity to develop your research skills and confidence so that you will be able to research any legal issue you might confront in your practice, thoroughly and effectively. As a class, we will explore legal research in a variety of subject areas, including case law, statutes, legislative history, administrative law, and court procedure. We will also learn how best to take advantage of familiar resources such as Google, Westlaw, Lexis or Bloomberg Law. Most important, however, is for you to become confident in your legal research process, so that you will know that you can handle any research project you might encounter, regardless of topic or available resources.

Course Requirements

Exam Information

Final Type (if any): None

Description: None

Written Work Product

Four legal research memos in two parts, four short-answer quizzes, and class participation (all submitted directly to professor, not via EXPO). Deadlines to be announced.

Other Course Details

Prerequisites: (Legal Research and Writing I (6004)) AND (Legal Research and Writing II (YR) (6005)) Because the credits in this course count toward the JD Program Professional Skills requirement, JD candidates will be given enrollment priority for this class. Concurrencies: None

Exclusive With: None

Laptops Allowed: Yes

First Day Attendance Required: No

Course Resources: To be announced.

Course Notes: This course will meet a total of 18 times over the first 10 weeks of the semester. The final class meeting will be Wednesday, March 27th.

Graduation Requirements

Satisfies Understanding Bias/Racism/Cross-Cultural Competency requirement: No

Satisfies Writing Requirement: No

Credits For Prof. Skills Requirement: Yes

Satisfies Professional Ethics: No

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Schedule No.: 124217794

Modified Type: Lecture

Cross Listed: No

Concentrations: Litigation and Procedure

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