Criminal Law Colloquium

Information Introduction

Section 1, Spring 24

Schedule Information

Enrollment: 17/20
Credits: 2
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0950-1250 WB162

Course Description

The Criminal Law Colloquium is a forum for students to engage with their peers, our faculty, and invited scholars on cutting-edge issues in criminal law, criminal procedure, and criminal justice policy. Each week, we will focus on a scholar and read a sampling of their work; the following week, that scholar will join us to present their most recent work. Students will be expected to actively engage with, critique, and contribute to the development of this exciting new scholarship. What are the “big questions” animating the author’s work? What methodologies do scholars employ to answer those big questions? This course will be valuable to students interested in an “advanced topics in criminal law”-type offering, but it also may be valuable to those interested in legal academia generally.

Course Requirements

Exam Information

Final Type (if any): None

Description: None

Written Work Product

Students will submit response papers directly to the instructors (not via EXPO).

Other Course Details

Prerequisites: It is recommended, but not required, that students have taken Criminal Investigation (LAW 7019) OR Criminal Adjudication (LAW 7018) OR Criminal Procedure Survey (LAW 7009) Concurrencies: None

Exclusive With: None

Laptops Allowed: Yes

First Day Attendance Required: No

Course Resources: To be announced.

Course Notes: This course will meet on the following nine dates: Feb 5th, Feb. 12th, Feb. 26th, Mar. 11th, Mar. 18th, Mar. 25th, Apr. 8th, Apr. 15th, and Apr. 22nd.

Graduation Requirements

Satisfies Understanding Bias/Racism/Cross-Cultural Competency requirement: No

Satisfies Writing Requirement: No

Credits For Prof. Skills Requirement: No

Satisfies Professional Ethics: No

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Schedule No.: 124218638

Modified Type: ABA Seminar

Cross Listed: No

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Concentrations: Criminal Justice

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