In the years since the publication of our book, How Constitutional Rights Matter, many scholars from around the world have engaged with our research. Our current count is that our book has been reviewed over a dozen times. We are beyond grateful for all of this engagement, and we especially appreciate the symposium organized at the Hebrew University that lead to this excellent set of reviews to be published in the Jerusalem Review of Legal Studies.

In this short concluding Essay, we offer a few overarching responses to the various critiques of our work that were offered as part of this symposium, as well as some that have appeared in other places (although we note that we have also responded to some of these critiques in the past). While doing so, we will focus on three points: (i) the continued need for improved constitutional rights data; (ii) the continued need for interdisciplinary collaboration and methodological innovation; and (iii) the ways our book’s theory could be added to and refined. While discussing these issues, our goal is also to identify potential avenues for future research.

Mila Versteeg & Adam Chilton, Beyond Constitutional Rights, 28 Jerusalem Review of Legal Studies, 40–47 (2023).