J.D.-Master's in Economic Law at Sciences Po (Paris)

The School of Law offers a dual-degree program with the Institut d’Etudes Politiques de Paris (Sciences Po) in which students may earn both the Juris Doctor (J.D.) and a Master's in Economic Law. Graduates are eligible to sit the French bar exam.

Admission to the Program

Interested students submit applications to the School of Law’s faculty International Relations Committee during the application period in the fall of their second-year. Starting with the application cycle for 2019-20 program participants, Sciences Po offers students the choice to take all of their courses in English or to take some or all of their courses in French. If a participant wishes to take courses in French, an advanced level of proficiency in French is required. However, as with Exchange programs, even if a student wishes to take all of their Sciences Po courses in English, the Committee may take an applicant’s French language skills into account in its selection process. Selected students must complete four semesters at the School of Law, all graduation requirements, and a minimum of 59 credits towards their J.D. degrees before undertaking the program in Paris during their third-year of study. Approved students are responsible for complying with all requirements and procedures for foreign student travel imposed by the University’s International Studies Office, with proof of compliance transmitted to the chair of the International Relations Committee before the student departs.

 Program Information from Sciences Po 

NOTE: Transfer students awarded two residency semesters at entrance are not eligible to participate in international dual-degree programs.


Participating students must complete four residency semesters at the School of Law and a year of study at Sciences Po/Paris. Students must obtain program requirement details directly from Sciences Po. Students who successfully complete the program earn 27 semester credits and two residency semesters.

Financial Aid

Financial aid will be provided by the School of Law while in attendance at Sciences Po. Financial aid is not guaranteed and is subject to School of Law and University regulations and availability. Students must meet the School of Law’s satisfactory academic progress standards each semester.

Tuition and Fees

J.D. degree candidates must complete six residency semesters in the School of Law and pay School of Law tuition and fees.

Grading Standards

Students are required to meet the grading standards of both schools independently to remain in good standing. Each school retains the right to drop students from its degree program following its usual academic standards and procedures.

NOTE: D, F, NC and U grades (or their equivalents) awarded at international dual-degree institutions earn exclusion points in the same manner as grades earned at Virginia.

FOR MORE INFORMATION: For questions related to the administration of the program (e.g., nomination/application process, courses, credits, grading standards), please contact @email. For questions about financial aid/tuition/fees, please contact @email. For questions related to student exchanges and careers, please contact @email. The faculty adviser for the program is Professor Ruth Mason.