Corporate Strategy (SC)

Information Introduction

Section 1, Fall 23

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Enrollment: 27/30
Credits: 1
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1300-1440 WB104


1300-1440 WB104


1300-1440 WB104


1300-1440 WB104


1300-1440 WB104


1300-1440 WB104


1300-1440 WB104

Course Description

This short course is an introduction to corporate strategy. We will examine how corporate strategies are developed; what are the common mistakes strategists and CEOs make in formulating and pursuing their strategies; and how to avoid those mistakes. The course introduces topics taught in the core strategy course of most major MBA programs. Grades will be based on class participation (40 percent) and a 2100-3000 word paper (60 percent).

Course Requirements

Exam Information

Final Type (if any): None

Description: None

Written Work Product

Final 2100-3000 word paper (60 percent of grade) will be due via upload to EXPO by noon on Nov. 9th.

Other Course Details

Prerequisites: Because the credits in this course count toward the JD Program Professional Skills requirement, JD candidates will be given enrollment priority for this class. Concurrencies: None

Exclusive With: None

Laptops Allowed: No

First Day Attendance Required: Yes

Course Resources: To be announced.

Course Notes: 100% attendance is required. Students who do not expect to be able to meet this requirement should not enroll in the course.

Graduation Requirements

Satisfies Understanding Bias/Racism/Cross-Cultural Competency requirement: No

Satisfies Writing Requirement: No

Credits For Prof. Skills Requirement: Yes

Satisfies Professional Ethics: No

Additional Course Information

Schedule No.: 123820482

Modified Type: Simulation

Cross Listed: No

Concentrations: Business Organization and Finance

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