George Rutherglen

  • Distinguished Professor of Law
  • Earle K. Shawe Professor of Employment Law

George Rutherglen joined Virginia's law faculty in 1976. He teaches admiralty, civil procedure, employment discrimination and professional responsibility.

While he was a student at law school, Rutherglen was articles editor of the California Law Review and a member of the Order of the Coif. After graduation, he clerked for Judge J. Clifford Wallace of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit in San Diego, and Justices William O. Douglas and John Paul Stevens of the U.S. Supreme Court.

Rutherglen has chaired the advisory committee on Fourth Circuit Rules and served as director of the Graduate Program for Judges at the Law School. He has written widely on employment discrimination, civil rights and admiralty.

Scholarship Profile: Connecting Civil Rights and Civil Procedure (Virginia Journal 2006)


  • J.D.
    University of California at Berkeley School of Law
  • A.B.
    University of California at Berkeley


Works in Progress


The United States Courts of Appeals: Reexamining Structure and Process after a Century of GrowthAmerican Bar Association Standing Committee on Federal Judicial Improvements (1989).


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Book Chapters

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Articles & Reviews

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Op-Eds, Blogs, Shorter Works

The Legacy of a Moderate, SCOTUSblog (May 26, 2010).
A Tribute to Earl C. Dudley, 94 Virginia Law Review 1283-1287 (2008).
John McCoid: Colleague and Friend, 80 Virginia Law Review 1203-1206 (1994).
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Legal Education: The Artificial Reason of the Law, Virginia Law School Report 11-12 (1989).
Affirmative Action: Confusion, Compromise, or Consensus? (with Daniel R. Ortiz), Virginia Law School Report 17-21 (1987).

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