Roundtable Series for Environmental Law Faculty on the Future of Legal Education
ROUNDTABLE Three Questions Addressed by Authors:

I. How can new strategies for addressing emerging environmental issues be incorporated into the law school curriculum?
II. What skills will the next generation of environmental lawyers need to be prepared for practice?
III. We’ve been talking about both critical skills, like problem solving, and critical issues, like incorporating social equity and interdisciplinary work. What is the role of clinics and experiential education in integrating those critical skills and issues in legal education?
IV. How can we teach students to affect change in an increasingly polarizing world and often intransigent legal system?
V. You were talking about all these really interesting and exciting ways to incorporate a variety of issues and skills into the classroom and into the clinics. I’m wondering, is it sort of grounded in what you’re seeing in terms of your students’ postgraduate career paths? Are you seeing a change compared to earlier in your career in terms of what students are doing and what issues they’re tackling and how they’re tackling them?
Cale Jaffe, Helen Kang & Hari Osofsky, Environmental Law Education—Preparing for Environmental Practice, 46 Vermont Law Journal, 604–641 (2022).