Michael Livermore

Law as Data: Computation, Text, & the Future of Legal Analysis

CO-AUTHORS Daniel N. Rockmore
Santa Fe Institute Press


In recent years, the digitization of legal texts and developments in the fields of statistics, computer science, and data analytics have opened entirely new approaches to the study of law. This volume explores the new field of computational legal analysis, an approach marked by its use of legal texts as data. The emphasis herein is work that pushes methodological boundaries, either by using new tools to study longstanding questions within legal studies or by identifying new questions in response to developments in data availability and analysis. By using the text and underlying data of legal documents as the direct objects of quantitative statistical analysis, [this book] introduces the legal world to the broad range of computational tools already proving themselves relevant to law scholarship and practice, and highlights the early steps in what promises to be an exciting new approach to studying the law.


Michael A. Livermore & Daniel N. Rockmore, eds., Law as Data: Computation, Text, & the Future of Legal Analysis, Santa Fe Institute Press (2019).

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