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Withers Hall

Withers Hall

Withers Hall

Primary Sources

The full historical report on Henry Malcolm Withers draws from a number of primary sources.

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Key Primary Sources

Withers confederate papersService Record of Henry Withers, RG 109 Compiled Service Records of Confederate Soldiers Who Served in Organizations from the State of Virginia, National Archives and Records Administration. 

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Reminisces of a Mosby RaiderReminiscences of a Mosby Raider,” The Pacific Commercial Advertiser (Honolulu, HI), July 12, 1908.

Henry Withers’s 1908 interview about his time as a Mosby Ranger, reprinted from the Kansas City Journal.


UVA catalogueCatalogue of the University of Virginia, Forty-Fifth Session 1868-1869 (Baltimore: The Sun Book and Job Printing Establishment, 1869).

Excerpt containing Withers listed as a student in the 1868-1869 session, description of the Law Department classes, outline of degrees and certificates of distinction, and information on tuition. Online


Withers attorney adJohn Henry Hubbell, Hubbell's Legal Directory for Lawyers And Business Men (New York: The Hubbell publishing company, 1893), 109.

Listing for Withers and Strother law office. Online


Veterans of the South“Veterans of the South,” Kansas City Star, August 17, 1891.

Withers served on the reception committee for the Ex-Confederates Association annual reunion.


 Hugh Stephens Printing Company).Official Proceedings of the Tenth Annual Reunion of the Missouri Division, United Confederate Veterans (Jefferson City, MO: Hugh Stephens Printing Company). Excerpt.

Withers appointed to lead the Western Brigade of the Missouri Division of the United Confederate Veterans during the Division’s reunion and was given the temporary rank of Brigadier-General. Excerpt includes picture of Withers. Online


The Weekly Post (Nevada, MO), August 18, 1905.The Weekly Post (Nevada, MO), August 18, 1905.

Announcement of Ex-Confederate/United Confederate Veterans picnic and Withers speech.


“War Incidents Recalled,” The Kansas City Times, October 4, 1905.“War Incidents Recalled,” The Kansas City Times, October 4, 1905.

Newspaper account of Withers speech at Confederate veterans’ reunion quoted him as saying “There are no greater people on earth than those who live South of the Mason Dixon line. The only pure Anglo-Saxon blood in this country to-day is there.”


“Confederates Are Here,” The Weekly Post (Nevada, MO), October 2, 1908. “Confederates Are Here,” The Weekly Post (Nevada, MO), October 2, 1908.

A report that Withers spoke at a Confederate reunion about teaching the Civil War in schools and his idea that “If the negro is not deported, he will some day break down our civilization.”