About the Program

From the Mexican border to the halls of Congress, the controversy over immigration law has intensified and become more critical to U.S. policymakers. Virginia's Immigration Law Program allows students to explore the key legal and public policy issues affecting this debate, including whom the United States should admit, who should qualify for political asylum, what should be done about the undocumented, the impact of immigration on the economy or on national security, the role of the states and the challenges of building an effective immigration management system. Building on the strengths of an experienced faculty, Virginia's program benefits students preparing for careers in the immigration field, as well as those pursuing careers in criminal law, business law, family law, administrative law or public policy, or who simply have an interest in immigration issues. The Law School provides an ideal setting for considering philosophical and theoretical issues posed by immigration, including the meaning of national membership and cultural identity, the ethics of international relations, or the link between policy and international human rights. Students also build practical skills through an immigration clinic and several pro bono programs offering aid to clients. The program also brings in expert speakers on immigration law, including leading attorneys and policy advocates, immigration judges and government officials.

Faculty Director(s)
Amanda Frost
John A. Ewald Jr. Research Professor of Law
Director, Immigration Law Program
Kevin Cope
Associate Professor of Law
Associate Professor of Law and Public Policy, Batten School of Leadership and Public Policy
Affiliated Faculty, Department of Politics
Director, Immigration Law Program