About the Program

The Law School’s National Security Law Center allows students to study the most pressing issues in national security law and to explore the wide range of career opportunities available in the field. Our course offerings provide the constitutional and statutory foundations of national security law, but also address contemporary challenges flowing from new technologies, terrorism and geopolitical changes. The center is the hub for national security law activities at the Law School, and cooperates with student groups, faculty members, the Public Service Center and Career Development, and outside organizations to coordinate speakers, events, summer and postgraduate employment, and pro bono opportunities. A leader in national security law since 1981, we take advantage of our proximity to the Judge Advocate General’s Legal Center and School and the wide range of national security practitioners in Washington, D.C., to enrich the Law School’s course offerings with expert speakers from government and policy groups.

Faculty Director(s)
Kristen Eichensehr
Professor of Law
Director, National Security Law Center
Senior Fellow, Miller Center