Art Law (SC)

Information Introduction

Section 1, Fall 23

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Enrollment: 9/16
Credits: 2
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1800-2100 WB119


0830-1130 WB119


1800-2100 WB119


0830-1130 WB119


1800-2100 WB119


0830-1130 WB119

Course Description

This course, compressed during the semester, will introduce students to the practice of “art law,” which lies at the intersection of several bodies of law. Contract doctrines such as meetings of minds, mistakes of fact, warranties, and good faith will be explored. The Uniform Commercial Code, which is the primary regulatory schema in the U.S. governing disputes over art transactions, including claims of looted art and fake art, will also be studied. Students will learn to apply civil procedure rules and concepts that can be outcome-determinative in art cases, including statutes of limitations, the laches defense, and choice of law analyses where different international rules and policy preferences may conflict. Property and intellectual property concepts in the area of visual art will additionally be introduced, including principles of copyright law, rights of publicity, and moral rights. Students will get to know the various art market stakeholders (such as artists, dealers, collectors, auction houses, museums) and their customs and practices. Methodologically, the course will use a law-and-economics approach to analyze issues such as allocations of burdens of diligence and risks of loss. No prior background in art is required or assumed.

Course Requirements

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Final Type (if any): None

Description: None

Written Work Product

Students will be expected to coordinate with instructors on the design, research and drafting of a research paper (20-25 pages), due via EXPO by noon on Dec. 20th.. Because this course is not a semester-length course, students cannot request "special permission" to use this paper for the upper-level writing requirement (see Academic Policy I.M.3).

Other Course Details

Prerequisites: None Concurrencies: None

Exclusive With: None

Laptops Allowed: Yes

First Day Attendance Required: Yes

Course Resources: To be announced.

Graduation Requirements

Satisfies Understanding Bias/Racism/Cross-Cultural Competency requirement: No

Satisfies Writing Requirement: No

Credits For Prof. Skills Requirement: No

Satisfies Professional Ethics: No

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Schedule No.: 123820635

Modified Type: ABA Seminar

Cross Listed: No

Concentrations: Intellectual Property

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