Barbara Spellman

Memos to the President from a “Council of Psychological Science Advisers”

CO-AUTHORS Bethany A. Teachman and Michael I. Norton
Perspectives on Psychological Science

UVA Law Faculty Affiliations

Barbara A. Spellman


On September 15, 2015, President Obama issued an Executive Order recommending that executive departments and agencies use “behavioral science insights to better serve the American people.” The articles in this special section were already in press when the order was issued, and this serendipity further underscores the timeliness of this special section. These articles propose many examples of the very actions that could be taken by federal (as well as state and local) agencies to promote psychological science in the spirit of President Obama’s order.


Michael I. Norton, Barbara A. Spellman & Bethany A. Teachman, Memos to the President from a “Council of Psychological Science Advisers”, 10 Perspectives on Psychological Science 697-700 (2015).

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