Darryl Brown

The Oxford Handbook of Criminal Process

CO-AUTHORS Jenia I. Turner and Bettina Weisser
Oxford University Press

UVA Law Faculty Affiliations


The Oxford Handbook of Criminal Process surveys the topics and issues in the field of criminal process, including the laws, institutions, and practices of the criminal justice administration. The process begins with arrests or with crime investigation such as searches for evidence. It continues through trial or some alternative form of adjudication such as plea bargaining that may lead to conviction and punishment, and it includes post-conviction events such as appeals and various procedures for addressing miscarriages of justice. Across more than 40 chapters, this Handbook provides a descriptive overview of the subject sufficient to serve as a durable reference source, and more importantly to offer contemporary critical or analytical perspectives on those subjects by leading scholars in the field. Topics covered include history, procedure, investigation, prosecution, evidence, adjudication, and appeal.


Darryl K. Brown, Jenia I. Turner, & Bettina Weisser, eds., The Oxford Handbook of Criminal Process, Oxford University Press (2019).

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