Darryl Brown

Adjudication of Criminal Justice: Cases and Problems

CO-AUTHORS Ronald L. Carlson and Susan W. Crump

UVA Law Faculty Affiliations


Carlson, Brown and Crump's Adjudication of Criminal Justice, Cases and Problems is organized around a series of criminal procedure problems based on a major homicide case, which appears in the appendix. It focuses on the hearing and adjudication phases of criminal procedure and emphasizes prosecutor and defense roles in each of the vital steps, including: Bail hearings Preliminary hearings Joinder and severance of offenses Speedy trial hearings Applications for discovery Motions to close proceedings to avoid prejudicial publicity Motions to suppress confessions Appeals


Darryl K. Brown, Ronald L. Carlson & Susan W. Crump, Adjudication of Criminal Justice: Cases and Problems, Thomson/West (2007).

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