Class of 2017 Profile

Class of 2017 Profile

The Class of 2017 is a diverse and accomplished group of students from across the country and around the world. The 307 students come from 39 states, the District of Columbia and 10 foreign countries, and attended 135 undergraduate institutions.

25%-75% LSAT: 166-170
25%-75% GPA: 3.57-3.93
AVERAGE AGE: 24(range is 20 to 32)

307 students enrolled from among 5,246 applicants
64% men, 36% women
19% identify themselves as minority students
70% have post-college work experience

Geographic Representation

Students come from 39 states and the District of Columbia, and from 10 foreign countries (Afghanistan, Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Canada, China, Israel, Japan, South Korea and the United Kingdom). In addition to Virginia, the following states are represented by five or more students:

New York 24 Utah 8
California 23 Massachusetts 7
Pennsylvania 16 Alabama 6
District of Columbia 12 Connecticut 6
Texas 12 Georgia 6
Maryland 11 North Carolina 6
New Jersey 11 Ohio 5
Florida 10 Tennessee 5



Where They Went to College

Members of the Class of 2017 come from 135 undergraduate schools. Schools with four or more alumni include:


University of Virginia 21 Boston College 5
College of William & Mary 12 Cornell University 5
Brigham Young University 9 Tulane University 5
Georgetown University 9 University of Pennsylvania 5
George Washington University 7 Vanderbilt University 5
Princeton University 7 Yale University 5
University of Florida 7 Clemson University 4
University of California, Berkeley 6 Dartmouth College 4
Virginia Tech 6 University of Massachusetts 4
Auburn University 5 University of Michigan 4


American University 
Amherst College 
Arizona State University 
Armstrong State University 
Auburn University 
Augustana College 
Baylor University 
Boise State University 
Boston College 
Boston University 
Bowdoin College 
Brigham Young University 
Brown University 
Bucknell University 
California Polytechnic State University 
California State University 
Carleton College 
Carnegie Mellon University 
Case Western Reserve University 
Cedarville University 
Central Michigan University 
Christopher Newport University 
Claremont McKenna College 
Clemson University 
Colgate University 
College of the Holy Cross 
College of William & Mary 
Colorado State University 
Columbia University
Connecticut College 
Cornell University
Dartmouth College 
Davidson College 
Duke University 
Duquesne University 
Elon University 
Emory University 
Florida State University 
George Mason University 
George Washington University 
Georgetown University 
Georgia College & State University 
Georgia Institute of Technology 
Georgia State University 
Grove City College 
Hamilton College 
Hampton University 
Harding University 
Harvard University 
Haverford College 
Indiana University
Indiana University, South Bend 
James Madison University 
Johns Hopkins University 
Kansas State University 
Lehigh University 
Lipscomb University 
Loyola University, Chicago 
Loyola University, Maryland 
McGill University 
Miami University 
Michigan State University 
Middlebury College 
Mississippi State University 
Northern Arizona University 
Northwestern University 
Oberlin College 
Ohio Wesleyan University 
Oklahoma State University
Patrick Henry College 
Pennsylvania State University
Princeton University 
Rice University 
Rutgers University
Southern Methodist University 
St. John's College 
St. Mary's College of Maryland 
Stanford University 
SUNY Binghamton Center 
SUNY Geneseo 
Swarthmore College 
Texas Christian University 
Trinity College, Connecticut 
Truman State University 
Tulane University 
University of Akron 
University of Alabama 
University of Arizona 
University of California, Berkeley 
University of California, Davis 
University of California, Irvine 
University of California, Los Angeles 
University of California, San Diego 
University of California, Santa Barbara 
University of California, Santa Cruz 
University of Connecticut
University of Delaware 
University of Florida 
University of Georgia 
University of Iowa 
University of Kentucky
University of Maryland
University of Massachusetts
University of Miami 
University of Michigan 
University of Minnesota
University of Mississippi 
University of North Carolina
University of North Texas 
University of Notre Dame 
University of Oklahoma 
University of Pennsylvania 
University of Pittsburgh 
University of Richmond 
University of San Diego 
University of South Carolina
University of South Dakota 
University of Southern California 
University of Texas 
University of Toronto 
University of Utah 
University of Virginia 
University of Washington 
Utah Valley University 
Virginia Commonwealth University 
Virginia Tech
Vanderbilt University 
Villanova University 
Wake Forest University 
Washington and Lee University 
Washington University 
Westminster College
Williams College 
Yale University 
Yeshiva B’nei Torah

 Class of 2016 Profile

Nina Goepfert

As an investigator for the Legal Aid Society’s Criminal Division in Brooklyn, NINA GOEPFERT helped the defense of indigent clients by looking into allegations against them for crimes such as robbery, assault, drug possession and sexual assault. “I’ve seen the ways people’s lives have been impacted by the law, particularly when it comes to criminal law,” said Goepfert, who majored in politics and African-American studies at Oberlin College. “I want to be at the table in deciding what those laws are. And I want to make that process much more inclusive for all people.”


Ajani Brown

AJANI BROWN said his path to UVA Law began with volunteerism. Because his parents raised him with a sense of civic awareness, Brown said, he eventually became a paralegal intern at Legal Aid of NorthWest Texas, where he helped people below the poverty line access services.

“People would be so grateful for me just filling out the documents they couldn’t fill out themselves,” Brown said. It made him wonder how gratifying it would be to serve as one of the attorneys who actually handled their cases.

A graduate of Brown University, Brown said he was looking forward to his legal studies at Virginia Law.

“UVA will help keep me focused,” he said. “Charlottesville is close enough to a big city, but it will keep me grounded.”