About the Program

The deadline for all applications for academic credit for fall 2023 externships is March 31, 2023.

Why Extern?

Externships combine substantial, practical legal work for a government or nonprofit organization with academic inquiry through readings, papers, and guided reflection papers and, in the case of UVA Law in DC, a weekly seminar. Externs learn to work under close supervision, receive feedback, and engage in self-assessment. The externship program assists student in adjusting to their roles as professional, becoming better problem-solvers, and developing interpersonal and professional skills from direct observation of and experience in the practice of law.

Types of Externships

There is a chart comparing the four externship options here, as well as a sortable spreadsheet of previous UVA Law externship placements here.


Part-time externships are primarily local and require students to work an average of 10 hours per week for the host organization as well as complete reading and writing assignments. (4 credits, 1 graded)


UVA Law in DC requires an average of 35 hours of work per week for a government or nonprofit organization in the Washington, D.C. area. Students participate in a weekly seminar in D.C. and complete reading and writing assignments, including a research paper, which may fulfill the upper-level writing requirement. (13 credits, 3 graded)


Full-time externships may be local, national or international, and require 35 hours of work per week at the host organization. Students must obtain a faculty advisor and complete a substantial research paper (which may fulfill the upper-level writing requirement) under the professor’s supervision. (13 credits, 3 graded)


J-Term externships take place in the three weeks before the spring semester starts and require approximately 35 hours of work per week for a government or nonprofit organization. (2 credits, 1 graded)

For further information see the Externship Manual.

Faculty Director(s)