Welcome to Virginia Law and Charlottesville, an energetic and cosmopolitan small city that retains all the ease and grace of traditional Virginia hospitality. Updated with tips from faculty and students, Living in Charlottesville is a nuts-and-bolts guide to life at the Law School and "C'ville."

Risa GoluboffWelcome from Dean Risa L. Goluboff

When I applied to law school some 20 years ago, there were things I knew and things I didn’t know. I knew that the law could offer a path to public service and professional fulfillment. I had gathered, from one movie or another, that law school would teach me to “think like a lawyer.” I had no idea what that meant, and even less of an idea where a law degree would lead me. Nor did I know that what I learned in law school would yield dividends far beyond my chosen profession — in virtually every decision, in every boardroom, on every committee, in every situation that I have faced since. I had no idea then that law school would transform the way I thought and how I would spend the rest of my life. More

Frances FuquaWelcome from Student Bar Association President Frances Fuqua

My name is Frances Fuqua and I am the current president of the Student Bar Association at the University of Virginia School of Law. The Student Bar Association, or SBA, is the student government at the law school. On behalf of the SBA, I wanted to say congratulations on gaining admission to our wonderful university as the class of 2022. If you choose to attend UVA Law you will never regret your decision.

If you have had a chance to speak with any alumni of UVA Law, you will find that we have an incredibly active and enthusiastic alumni base. UVA Law provides a unique law school experience; you will find that not only will you get a great education but you will enjoy your three years here. Our alumni are dedicated to continuing to improve the law school experience, and frequently take opportunities to do so by returning to teach seminars, speak at events, contribute to the Law School Foundation, and represent their law firms to support student networking. More

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Living in Charlottesville has been updated over the years by the Communications Office, Cindy Draper and former law students Clare Wuerker, Jared David Scott, Elizabeth Katz, Andrea Lawhon, Andrea Parisi, David Glazier, Carly Milner, Allyson McKenzie, Katherine Peters and Angie Sinkovits.